Bella Hadid Shares Her Pre-Travel Wellness Routine

From anxiety-reducing blends to hydrating face masks, we’re taking notes on celebrity travel hacks. But, our newest wealth of knowledge, Bella Hadid, has shared some pre-trip essentials we’ve never seen before, and she’s next on our list to try.

The latest TikTok model shows off her pre-flight routine, which begins with an elliptical workout in the morning. Next, Hadid makes a cup of hot tea and heads to the sauna to detox, eliminate and reset the bloating.

For an extra immune boost, she then undergoes an intravenous drip infused with the vitamin, which she accompanies with Normatec 2.0 Legs Compress ($900). An iron is then attached to an oxygen rod, which is said to boost energy, aid post-workout recovery, induce relaxation and help with headaches.

Turning to nutrition, the 25-year-old drinks a cleansing and detoxifying lemonade, nibbles on a protein-packed wrap, snacks on some hummus and finishes it all off with celery and a green smoothie infused with cucumber. Now, Hadid is ready for flight. As she says in her caption, “Health is wealth!”

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