Spice it up with these 15 Sexy Plus Size Robes for Valentine’s Day

The right robe can literally be the icing on the cake, or your body can be… if you know what I mean! A sexy robe is a game changer to pair with lingerie or a simple tank top and shorts. When you’re feeling sensual, wear your spicy robe with nothing underneath.

I’m such a fan of feeling sexy for myself. Wear your sexiest lingerie under your basic jeans and tee. Why? Because nothing feels better than looking in the mirror and knowing you’re fine as hell. Give it a try, and let me know how it made you feel.

Whether you are looking for something for yourself or want to be unwrapped by someone special, we got you. We want to make your shopping as easy as possible. So let’s get into 15 spicy plus size robes for Valentine’s Day.

15 spicy plus size robes for valentine’s day

What aspects make a robe sexy and spicy?

First, it’s really about whatever you wear that makes you feel sexy, but here are some essential characteristics:

  • The fabric: Eyelet (which is partically see-throughLace, sheer, satin, and silks.
  • The length: The shorter the robe the sexier. Especially when you can have a little cheek peeking through. A long dramatic robe is always sexy.
  • Trimming: Fur, scallop edges, ties all add to the sexiness.
  • Prints: Leopard and delicate florals.

Have you ever considered wearing your robes outside and not just lounging around the house? Hear me out, two years ago, I purchased a satin PJ set from Fenty Savage; I wore it to dinner with a simple pair of heels. I felt so sexy and comfortable, which is the perfect combination.

Wear your robe the same way you would wear a duster or caftan. Pair it with a sexy dress or bustier with a pair of jeans. If you want to dress up your sexy robe, pair it with silky pants and a bralette.

Let’s chat: Are you into robes, and how often do you wear them? Do you currently have any sexy robes? Did you see anything you must-have?

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