Another Busbee Team Member Tried Ultherapy. Is It Worth It?

Ultherapy Q&A

Age is just a number. Yet every so often, I get a glimpse of myself and all I see is my great-grandmother Marie. And I know I shouldn’t complain. I’m strong, healthy and lead a pretty active lifestyle. (Though my lax jawline tells an entirely different story.) So, when Erin shared her Ultherapy journey a few months ago on her YouTube channel, I was intrigued.

And if I’m being honest, I became obsessed with trying it myself. But I’m a low-maintenance beauty kind of gal. Really. I do my own nails, groom my brows all by myself and shave my legs when the mood strikes. Sure, I do my roots every 3-4 weeks. And yes, I can spend serious coin on skincare products (and Botox). But those efforts can only deliver so much. So, I did my research, saved my pennies and made an appointment for an Ultherapy treatment. How did it go? Did it hurt? Was it worth it? Let’s find out.

Read all about Erin’s Ultherapy and PDO Thread Lift experience here including great before and after shots and a full review of both treatements.

Ultherapy treatment woman on a table getting the treatment, ultherapy questions, procedures for younger looking skin, what is ultherapy

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure using micro-focused ultrasound generating a thermal effect under the skin. This effect essentially jump-starts your body’s own process to create fresh, new collagen. The new collagen works to lift skin on the neck, chin, and brow—as well as smooth skin on the upper chest.

What’s the Process Like?

Wear loose, comfy clothes. You might be asked to wear a robe. Photos will be taken from lots of different angles. After cleansing the skin and identifying the specific areas to be treated (I decided to do neck, chin and brow), the practitioner will apply the ultrasound gel and place the smooth treatment applicator against your skin. Working in quadrants, the practitioner will move the applicator over and over each area. Oh, and you’ll be offered pain meds. Take them. Seriously. Take them. And then ask for more.

Is it Painful?

Do you remember my piece on micro-needling? I said something to the effect of “1000-snapping-rubber-bands-on-naked-skin kind of hurt.” Oh, the naiveté. I’d like to think I have a high tolerance for pain. But Ultherapy is an entirely different level of pain. It stings. It burns. I actually screamed out loud. Sure, it felt tolerable on certain parts of my face. The brow area was easy-peasy. But my neck was off-the-charts painful. In fact, another nurse (thank you, Audrey) came into the treatment room to apply reflexology (massaging the feet) to take my mind off the pain. It didn’t work. So, please don’t scrimp on the painkillers. Take what’s offered and say thank you.

Is There Downtime?

No, but everyone is different. Personally, aafter I wiped away my tears, I looked in the mirror. No blood. Zero scabs. Nada on the bruises. I didn’t look red or swollen. In fact, aside from my tear-stained cheeks, you could hardly tell I did anything at all. I do recommend getting a ride home. Be good to yourself, take the day off, go home and have a beverage.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

60 to 90 minutes depending on the areas you are treating.

How Much Does Ultherapy Cost?

I had the treatment done with an angel RN named Jenna at my favorite med spa office, Beauty with a Mission. Costs vary and can range from $1,500 – $3,500 for the upper and lower face and neck. The chest is $1,800. The eye area is $500.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Everyone is different, but generally, it takes about 3-5 months to see full results. Collagen production takes time ladies, so be patient.

What Results Can I Expect?

Again, everyone is different. It’s been exactly four months. For myself, I notice a big improvement on my neck. Lines have been greatly diminished. I also notice a much smoother area under my chin/neck, tighter jawline (especially on the right side of my face), and “juicier” cheeks overall. A scar on the left side of my neck has also faded quite a bit. Best of all, I like that I can still expect to see improvements over the next few months. It sort of resets the clock a few years.

Before & After – 4 Months Later

Ultherapy review Francine left view before and after, ultherpay results, ultherapy questions, procedures for younger looking skin, younger skin for women over 40

Before & After – Skin Texture

Ignore the gray roots and tired eyes. Notice the brighter skin and tightness overall on the right.

Ultherapy review Francine left view before and after, ultherpay results, ultherapy questions, procedures for younger looking skin, younger skin for women over 40

Before & After – Eyes

Notice the smoother eye area and lack of crows feet on the right!

Ultherapy review Francine left view before and after, ultherpay results, ultherapy questions, procedures for younger looking skin, younger skin for women over 40

Before and After – Jawline & Neck

Look at that neck and jawline on the right…everything lifts.

Would I Recommend Ultherapy?

Despite the pain and cost, I will absolutely do it again. Because frankly, the after photos really show that it works! But next time, I’ll take more pain meds.

I’m happy to answer any of your questions, so please comment below. Have you tried Ultherapy? If so, I’d love to hear how it worked for you! Be sure to subscribe to Erin’s newsletter for more tips, blog posts (I may try an IPL Laser next!) and great resources delivered directly to your inbox when you sign up here.

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