Hiking and 9 Must-Haves for Your Journey!

Well, fashion lovers! Let’s try some new and exciting adventures in 2022! I will call this serieszigzag adventuresDedicated to our beautiful and graceful selves to try new hobbies! Yes hobbies! We’ll start with hiking and six must-haves for your trip!

Society and even ourselves often prevent the Plus Size community from trying new hobbies because of size. What does size have to do with it? Nothing at all! We can do anything we put our minds to, and it has nothing to do with our size!

We have plus size INspo size!

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Let’s get into it!

Hiking clothing and accessories

Each hobby has a certain “equipment” that is worn. Basketball, soccer, golf, swimming, you name it. Certain items are either necessary for flexibility, ventilation or protection. Hiking has its own clothing, too, with some sticking to the best hiking gear, while others mix it up with exercise gear. No matter what you choose, understand that there are potential risks, just as with every hobby or sport.

Here is a checklist of the essential items you’ll want to consider when going out in the great outdoors for your hiking hobby.

The right shoes

No matter if you’re walking fast on a flat surface or want to be adventurous and conquer miles and heights, if your shoes don’t fit, your body won’t do well either. You should always think about your feet, ankles, knees and hips while walking. Hiking shoes, sneakers, and sandals expressly made for your “trip” are perfect and the best way to go! For the “versatile hiker” who might want to use their shoes for other hobbies, check out these beauties from Merrell! Altalite hiking shoes! And don’t forget the wool socks for hiking! Try our Smartwool Performance Low Ankle Socks.

Merrill's Alta-Light hiking shoe featured in the Curvy Adventures Hiking article in The Curvy Fashionista
Merrill alta lite hiking shoe

Protect Your Chest – Bra Support

No matter where you hike, make sure you provide proper support for your chest! Think about the support, comfort, and calmness of choosing the best support bra. Check out ADIDAS Originals x IVY PARK plus bralette in blue! This is a great discovery! High support bra with adjustable straps, molded cups, a stretchy fit for full support, and a breathable mesh overlay! do you want more? Check out our TCF article at 9 Amazing Choices Of Sports Bra!

The adidas x Ivy Park High Support Bra featured in the Curvy Adventures Hiking article in The Curvy Fashionista
adidas x ivy park
High Support Bra (Plus Size)

hiking tops

The more comfortable you are, the better when taking a walk of any kind. Fashion and technology have worked together for years to develop the best fabrics for any activity. Check out Old Navy’s Cozecore Long Sleeves Ribbed Panel Blouse. Made of heathered jersey with a soft and comfy “Oh my God” interior! This top is perfect for hiking thanks to its 4-Way Super Stretch Technology and Go-Dry moisture wicking technology to keep you dry!

Old Navy CozeCore Rib Panel Long Sleeve Boot featured in Curvy Adventures hiking article at The Curvy Fashionista
ancient marine
Coscor Long Sleeve Ribbed Parts Blouse For Women


Each person is different in how their bodies react to natural elements. Some hikers prefer a jacket, while some wear a good hiking jacket. The Tugga Vest and Point Reyes Bomber Jacket from Athleta are both stylish and practical choices! Designed for hiking, climbing, and exploring in cold climates, this cozy Sherpa jacket and water-resistant puffer jacket is made for the Curvy Hiker!

Athleta's Tugga jacket was featured in the Curvy Adventures Hiking article in The Curvy Fashionista
chew jacket

Pants for a purpose

For hiking, you must have comfortable, durable and movable pants that will not cause any pain in the “men-ha”! With that in mind, shop shop TCF متجر Store and select “Entertainment“For some great discoveries. Also, the fix has some soft.” And the cool Ecostretch High Rise leggings, perfect for a walk in your neighborhood or in the park. Finally, check out Athleta with the Trekkie North Crop . runner For a hiker ready to do some things!

Recreated EcoStretch High Rise leggings featured in the Curvy Adventures Hiking article in The Curvy Fashionista
EcoStretch High Rise Fix Leggings

free your hands

If you’re like me, while taking a trek, I might get a little curious and do some climbing or even find a great rock to sit on at a height! It is always a good idea to wear hiking gloves on the deck. Some even wear them as protection just in case they slip and fall. Try Hestra’s Touch Point Fleece Liner Five Finger Gloves. And last but not least, a hiking backpack! One of our favorites is the Osprey Packs SKARAB 22L Backpack, with a built-in water tank to keep you hydrated.

Shopping list!

As editors at The Curvy Fashionista, we write about the things we love and think you will, too. We often have affiliate partnerships, so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert hiking, it’s always a good idea to be prepared, so we’ve compiled all of our plus-size-friendly hiking recommendations into one list for easy reference.

Let’s have a chat: Are you excited about hiking? What is your advice for beginners?!

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