Khloé Kardashian Shows Off Her Toned Back in Dramatic Before-and-After Photos

Khloé Kardashian has been working on her fitness, and if you haven’t seen her cut abs and toned curves by now, it’s time to take a peek at her Instagram feed. Her most recent photo, however, is unlike the rest as it shows off her back muscles in a striking before-and-after shot.

Shouting out her personal trainer Joël Bouraïma—he also trains professional athletes—Kardashian writes, “About 3 months apart 💪🏽 let’s go we are sculpting my back and arms.”

In an exclusive interview from October, Kardashian told NewBeauty that her sculpted body is also, in part, due to eating healthy. “I usually I love steel cut oatmeal,” she says. “And after my workouts, I’ll do vanilla yogurt with fruit. I’m not a huge breakfast girl but that’s what I’ll do after a workout, because I always have a protein shake immediately after my workout.”

Outside of lifting with Bouraïma, Kardashian also told us that she’s a big fan of pilates. “Kim and I were just saying, we’ve got to get back into doing Pilates because we notice such a difference in our bodies. We still work out and do circuit training with weights and a little cardio, but to incorporate Pilates in your week at some point, it just fine-tunes the muscles.”

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