Ready to Upgrade Your Work Wardrobe? Try these 7 Plus Size Pieces

Everyone’s business wardrobe looks different depending on your style and the industry you work in. As we know, work clothes have evolved to include thousands of different professions; Work from the office or work from home. However, no matter what you do for a living or where you “do it” from, one of the central themes has always been a constant…professionalism!! But in a professional look, you can still be fierce and elegant!

We could all use something different and trendy in our 2022 work wardrobe. Pieces that can help us transition from day to night or from the living room to a boardroom meeting! So, let’s get ready to upgrade your business wardrobe!

Update your work wardrobe with these 7 pieces

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Pinafor wide leg jumpsuits

work wardrobe upgrade;  7 large size pieces
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Can you say he’s obsessed? The classic wide-leg Pinafore jumpsuit is a must-have in every curvy boss’ wardrobe. It’s a very professional and comfortable look that can be dressed up or dressed up! Are you the creative type? Try this look with your favorite graphic t-shirt, a button-up cardigan, and some cute flats. big company? Wear a silk blouse with heels.

Check out this Buxom Couture Linen Pinafore jumpsuit in olive green!

Boxom Couture Linen Pinnafor Jumpsuit (1x, 2x, 3x)

Put on your traditional suit

The work world will always welcome the classic black or gray suit; However, vibrant suits are essential in today’s world! So, my dear, this year, go ahead, shine and feel free to experiment with colors, prints, textures … change them up a little! Your wardrobe should consist of a basic suit, skirt, or deck pants for these Meet and greetAnd make a deal type of days. Or for those with your video calling days where you want to look strong from the waist up. It’s time to feel strong and bold in 2022!

New to Ashley Stewart are some great suit ideas you don’t want to miss! Here a little!

Dresses are always better in faux leather

For your upgraded wardrobe, including dresses that are fun to wear and somewhat sexy while holding pen and paper, this is a must!

Faux leather dresses are always a good choice anytime! Add a duster or a long jacket. Hack this cute belt to accentuate your curves. Wear a pair of knit or printed socks with high heels or ankle boots. You can be professional and still have fun when it comes to your style and clothing!

Try Eloquii for a few more options in the “Faux Leather” category. And don’t forget to have fun!

The letter “A” in font A = Attractive

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The timeless A-line silhouette will always be a classic! What’s a business wardrobe without skirts or a few dresses? Paired with flats, heels, or even boots, this silhouette works for everyone! An A-line dress or skirt is a must-do for a curvy head. The A-line dress or skirt is a must-have for the professional look with a blazer, trendy with a cool belt, or romantic with a soft fleece jacket.

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Who does not love good? get up and go Jacket? It’s a perfect piece that can transform the look in a matter of seconds! Such a simple and sophisticated look. Wear it as the last piece for a layered look or with jeans if you want to let it go “I’m creative, but I’m still a boss” type vibe.

The ASOS Heartbreak Plus Rust Oversized Ab Jacket is a cool and comfortable piece that’s rich in color and versatility. Roll up the sleeves or drape the jacket over the shoulders for a modern, friendly look.

The Missguided came with an oversized faux leather oversized leather jacket. Talk about something cool neutral that can be paired with just about anything! A great mix of sheer pumps with this jacket.

Wrap it in a jacket

While we’re still talking about jackets, check out the black jersey wrap jacket from the ASOS Design Curve Collection! Be comfortable and confident behind the desk or in an office meeting with this cozy number. Pair it with matching jersey pants or your favorite printed maxi dress! This is a key piece for 2022.

The perfect coat for any occasion

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Another great piece to have on your way to a meeting, business lunch, or a quick tour to the office? …the beloved coat. Go for a neutral that can go with just about anything or a color that has a pop of color that makes you feel alive while walking the streets! Wear it with a bag or dynamite bag and don’t forget some funky shoes!

The Missguided Cream Quilted Trench Coat is a fun transitional piece from winter to spring with a great feel and clean look that will turn off the show even at your local coffee shop!

Do you have any of these pieces in your work wardrobe?

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