These Are All the Things Altreno Can Do for Your Skin, According to Derms

Miami Beach, MD, dermatologist Melissa Lazarus, FL, MD, a dermatologist and her teenage son are too in sync with one specific skincare step recently: regular use of Altrino Lotion (tretinoin) 0.05%Which the doctor calls ‘currently my favorite product’.

“I use it on myself. It’s very tolerable and effective.” “It keeps my acne-prone skin super clear and I don’t have much of the dryness that I find with other versions of tretinoin. My son uses it too.”

New York dermatologist Jody A. Levine, MD also has some solid experience with Rx: “My patients who use Altreno are very happy with it and enjoy the lotion base. I prefer prescribing retinoids that I formulate in my office, as they are better for sensitive skin, but I think it’s more Among prescription retinoids, Altreno is excellent.”

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Bethpage, MD, New York-based dermatologist Dr. Winifred Chu shares the same praise for the prescription-only product, and uses it personally, too: “I have eczema and very sensitive skin and can still tolerate and use Altreno every night. The moisturizing ingredients in this lotion help reduce dryness and irritation.” and two of the common side effects of tretinoin use.”

According to the manufacturer—they’re also the brains behind Retin-A—Rx is “the first and only tretinoin lotion, designed with women in mind, providing efficacy and tolerability in a once-daily dose.” Translation: It’s good for adult acne, which, according to the most recent American Academy of Dermatologists’ statistics, affects up to 15 percent of women. Plus, Altreno supports the aging claim with hydrating ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, and collagen, which Fort Lauderdale dermatologist Dr. Matthew J. Elias points out to reduce the potential for potential adverse effects like dryness and irritation.

While Covington, LA-based dermatologist Christel Malinsky, MD, describes the lotion as “gentle and wonderful,” she says the only drawback to having that positive reputation is the affordable price tag.

“I don’t prescribe it often because of the cost to the patient. Not covered by insurance — which means it’s more than $100 for a single prescription, while generic tretinoin 0.025 percent is easily covered by insurance often for $10 in cent of that cost, she says. “If you use it strictly for anti-aging, it’s easy to afford as wrinkle insurance doesn’t cover anything. But it does have a good medium and it’s a low potency tretinoin.”

New York dermatologist Peter Chien, MD also prefers to prescribe other options, mainly because of the cost. “I prescribe stronger, but generic 0.1 percent tretinoin, and tell patients to mix a pea-sized amount with an equal amount of Cerave PM moisturizing lotion. You end up getting the same 0.05 percent concentration with moisturizer.”

Even with cost in mind, New Orleans dermatologist Marie Lupo says Alterino is still “totally worth it” and looks at it this way: For the face, a tube that lasts for months, so it’s a great value.

“The data shows improved tolerance compared to Retin-A Micro and Atralin. Glycerin and hydrolyzed collagen improve hydration and the mesh-like delivery system allows for gradual release. Patients over 25 love it. I’m using it too. It’s definitely the best new retinoid available.”

Bonus tip: The hardest part about prescription topical retinoids is being able to tolerate stronger formulations—but he’s found a product that blends perfectly with Altreno and doesn’t cause rosacea to flare up, says David Boucher, MD, a dermatologist in Austin. “It contains ingredients that have made it easy for almost everyone to carry a medium-strength prescription retinoid. Because of my rosacea, every topical retinoid has caused me irritation. Now I can use a medium-strength prescription retinoid…as long as I’m also using Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion. Lotion ($94) Right afterwards. This Epionce Lotion contains several anti-inflammatory ingredients that help with tolerance to topical retinoids. This combination of Altreno Lotion and Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion work well together.”

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