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Celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, like everything else, will be different. Depending on where you live, eating out may not be an option. Or go to a romantic movie. But even if you have to spend the night at home, you can still dress up to impress. And if you’re into fashion, your Valentine’s Day outfit should be equal parts sexy and elegant.

So we went ahead and rounded up some great ideas for Valentine’s Day. They come courtesy of our favorite street style stars and Instagram influencers. Are you looking for a lingerie set that you might feel comfortable wearing only in the privacy of your own home? Or maybe you want to learn layering tricks so you can still wear that chic dress while safely picking up junk food. Regardless, we have the answers. Just be prepared for a few adjustments, like putting on pantyhose or wrapping a heavy coat on top if you decide to leave your humble abode. Because February tends to be the coldest month on the calendar.

Here are 28 that are sure to heat things up this Valentine’s Day, whether your date night involves going out or staying home.

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