Why This New Body Treatment May Be All You Need Before and After Plastic Surgery

When it comes to skincare to use before or after a cosmetic treatment, we know Alastin tops the list with its skin-rejuvenating nectar, INhance Post-Injection Serum and TransFrom Body Treatment that helps boost non-surgical body sculpting results. No wonder then that their latest innovation is the other perfect pairing of popular body sculpting procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, breast reduction, thigh lifts and body sculpting surgeries.

What is that

Alastin’s new ReFORM & RePAIR COMPLEX ($220) takes its cues from each of the brand’s flagship products and targets inflammation, swelling, bruising, and healing tissue to make the patient’s recovery experience more comfortable, faster and easier to undergo.

“What we expected when we were developing this new product is that it will improve swelling and bruising and one area called the fibrous band, which is really important in recovery because when you get inflammation through liposuction or tummy tucks or breast reduction, once there is a deep inflammation that turns into scar tissue , which contributes to the patient experiencing uncomfortable tightness when tightening the arms and legs,” explains Alastin Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alan Widjerou.

what’s he doing

“I have observed through a multicenter study that the ReFORM & RePAIR COMPLEX topical treatment has improved the patient experience after surgical procedures for breast and body aesthetics by speeding recovery from surgery in terms of major issues patients worry about, such as reducing bruising and swelling,” says the Chicago plastic surgeon. Laurie Casas, M.D. “Because of the reduced recovery time, patients are willing to schedule their next procedure.”

How it works

In addition to the brand’s TriHex technology which supports the production of collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for keeping skin smooth and firm, this body treatment also includes Hexapeptide 11, which helps eliminate droplets of fat that Dr. Widgerow says are released when fat. Perform reduction surgeries.

“We also have lactoferrin, which absorbs iron,” Dr. Widjerou adds. “This helps with infection and bruising. Centella asiatica extract also helps in regulating collagen production to reduce scarring.”

when do you use it

ReFORM & RePAIR COMPLEX is now available in physicians’ offices and on the Alastin website. For best results, the treatment is intended to be used on the area prior to surgery as a pre-conditioning treatment, during and after the recovery period. Dr. says.

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