Workout Wear Brands Celebrities Love

We all know that there’s a definite connection between feeling good and looking good. Unfortunately when we need a workout the most, we’re not really in the mood to hit the gym. Even our home gyms. They say half the battle is getting to your workout destination. Whether you believe that to be true or not, there’s no denying the simple fact that we’re more likely to have a good workout if we feel good about — and in — the workout wear we’re sporting.

We don’t really need to convince you that athleisure will dominate the future. It’s already doing that in the present. It’s been a trend for years now, after all. So much so that many feel that Carrie Bradshaw is behind the times. Obviously quite surprising since she’s become a real fashion icon.

But how do any of us know which brands are really worth investing our hard-earned money in? That’s why, once again, we turn to celebrities. They can get anything and everything. So their choices are usually pretty legit.

Here are the star-endorsed workout wear brands that look as good as they feel. Because we can all use a little motivation to get and stay in shape.

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