Can Dissolving Lip Filler Leave You with Stretch Marks?

One viral trend making waves on social media features users documenting their journey to reverse lip fillers or allow hyaluronic acid fillers to absorb into the body over time to return to their former appearance. A common question in the comments on this video is whether lips can look or feel puffy, and a recent video on TikTok asked the question: Can you end up with lip stretch marks once the fillers are gone?

To get the lowdown, we hired our face reshaping experts to explain if raisin lips are possible.

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According to California Facial Plastic Surgeon Kimberly J. Lee, Beverly Hills, the possibility exists. “The filler material works to enlarge the areas of the face, including the lips,” she explains. “When we are young, think of our faces as plump grapes, but as we age and lose volume, we develop wrinkles like raisins. If the lips are overly plump and stay that way for too long, it can lead to stretched skin that Covers it up.” Since the excess filler dissolves after a long period of time, Dr. Lee says this can lead to wrinkles in the covered skin where there is a loss of volume.

Tired or stretched?

However, these are not common observations, New York dermatologist Doris Day, MD, MD: “When it comes to the lips, it’s not an area where we see stretch marks because the lips don’t get fat on their own,” the expert injector adds. “With typical volumes of 1 cc or less added to the lips in one sitting, and the product’s natural re-absorption over time, there is usually no thinning, excessive skin tightening or sagging once the product is gone.”

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While a rare scenario, swollen, extended lips, can be treated, dermatologist Dr. Matthew Elias of Fort Lauderdale shares. “Treatments for wrinkled or depleted lips are usually a filler, but if that’s not an option, other solutions could be something like a HydraFacial treatment to help moisturize lips along with a micro-channel volume infusion like AquaGold or the upcoming skin enhancers.” Skin enhancers aren’t approved by the FDA, but products out there like Juvéderm Volite and Profhilo have been dubbed “injectable moisturizers” because they help nourish and smooth skin.

Avoid over-bloating

Dr. Day notes that the problem begins at the time of the initial injection and gives a word of caution to those seeking lip augmentation. “If applied in large amounts, it can change the equation and lead to lip laxity, which does not look like typical stretch marks on the body, but looks like wrinkles on and around the lips. I have not seen this in any patient, but I am concerned about it in some of the photos that I see it on social media where lips are inflated like balloons.”

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