How to Actually Show Off Your Bra

Some bras are too pretty to conceal under multiple layers of clothing. That could be why fashion has had an obsession with sheer fabrics, naked dresses and gossamer layers in the last few years. Instead of occasionally revealing a flirty bra to a special someone, the trend has inspired adventurous fashionistas to show off their bra collection as they would a new skirt or pair of tights.

When it comes to putting underthings on display, there are a few considerations to take into account. First and foremost, choosing the right occasion to reveal a bra is key. Unless someone is a Victoria’s Secret Angel, exposing a bra in the workplace isn’t going to fly — even if it’s just a hint of strap or a peek of lace cups.

The second thing to remember is that it needs to look intentional. People shouldn’t be questioning whether the look is a wardrobe malfunction. So if you’re going to show off your bra, or even part of one, do it with confidence.

Lastly, the outfit needs to have balance. A visible bra already has plenty of sex appeal so it needs to be tempered in some way to prevent it from looking like you just stepped out of a bedroom. Longer layers, tougher fabrics and contrasting accessories can add dimension to the look and balance the boudoir sentiment. Similarly, do not underestimate the power of hair and makeup in creating a chic finish.

Of course, the trend is the perfect opportunity to showcase the dainiest, most ornate bras in your collection. Especially important with Valentine’s Day coming and all. It’s unlikely anyone is going to show off their stretched-out, faded T-shirt bra. But don’t go so far in the opposite direction that you choose too sexy of a style. This isn’t the time to champion #FreeTheNipple.

With those key points in mind, take a look at some visual inspiration straight from the streets of how to reveal a bra outside the bedroom.

Images: Imaxtree

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