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This is not about stopping time or feeling bad because you’re another year older. Every year we get a little bit smarter and gain a lot of useful experience. We don’t need to go backwards, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look as good as we possibly can. After all, when you look good, you feel good and when you look full of vigor, people at your job will trust you and you’ll surely look more appealing to prospective dates, right? And while there’s no point trying to deny the inevitable passage of time, there are some simple ways you can take care of your body to fight the most common age-related woes. Do these and you could be looking better by the end of the week.

Keep Hair
in Check

Sometime in your mid-thirties, you’ll notice more wiry hairs popping up in unexpected places like your eyebrows, ears or shoulders. You might also notice that your nose is a little fuller these days as well. Thankfully, the fix is ​​as easy as regularly using a specialized trimmer (likely every other week or so). You want to remove any strays that are sticking out of place. And when it comes to your nose, you’ll want to clear away any bushiness that can easily be seen inside the nostrils.

Conair Hair Trimmer

$19.99 by Conair

Brighten Your Smile

Dingy, yellow teeth are an unmistakable sign of aging. You don’t need red carpet white, just one or two shades lighter will brighten your smile. And while there are a bevy of at-home options, Crest Whitestrips—which have remained the gold standard for nearly two decades—remain your best bet. The brand’s Professional Effects strips hug teeth snugly, won’t slip off onto gums and deliver solid results in just over a week. Don’t worry about things like whitening mouth washes or floss. Chances are, if you can’t see it, you don’t need to brighten it.

Crest Whitestrips

$44.99 by Crest

Refresh Your Skin

Hydrated, healthy skin is the look of a young man. The opposite, then, is what we might expect from an older man who’s past his prime. The simple fix? Make sure you apply an SPF-infused moisturizer before running out the door in the morning. The other surefire way to refresh your skin? Apply a nightly serum that firms and smoothes skin while topical Vitamin C can even out skin tone and repair sun damage.

West Skincare Triple C+E Serum

$75 by West Skincare

Target Fine Lines

Because men have larger facial muscles, our skin tends to age differently than women. This is why we tend to have more prominent and pronounced lines on our faces. Especially around the eyes and forehead. Those deeply etched lines can make you look tired. Of course, you can talk with your dermatologist about the possibility of dabbling with Botox. But dutiful application of a retinol eye cream before bed will help visibly reduce the lines and kickstart the cell turnover process in the area.

RoC Retinol Eye Cream

$18 by RoC

Trim Your Waistline

A slightly pudgier waistline is a definite marker of getting older. But it can actually make you look older too. A study of more than 50 pairs of twins found that for people under the age of 55, being overweight was associated with looking older (measured by signs of skin aging). But this isn’t about working out more or even eating less. It’s about revving up your metabolism to ensure your body is processing your food as efficiently as possible. That means downing as much water as possible and eating plant-based, fiber-rich foods and clocking as much sleep as possible. That last one will also ensure you look and feel rested—a nice, youthful bonus.


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