The 12 Plus Size Wear to Work Essentials

Last week, we shared tips for plus size professional workwear with you, kind of like an overview of what to wear to work. So, as promised and much requested, today we will go over your essentials for work, how to wear them, and tips when rounding out your workwear wardrobe.

Shopping for a work ensemble can be tricky, especially if you are just entering the workplace-either just graduated or re-entering. Even if you are looking to spruce up your look, it is pretty easy to get lost in it all! So before you go and buy all the trendiest pieces and items, let’s go over what things you should have in your closet!

Tips when shopping for Plus Size Wear to Work Essentials:

So the key, when trying on your items, if it restricts movement, pulls or tugs at the seams, outlines one of your body parts, or shows too much leg or cleavage, leaves it. If I can see the outline of your underwear, it is too tight. Get my point?

I kept referencing lining, and for wear to work options, lining allows your garments to lay on your curves without tugging or pulling and allows your body and curves to breathe comfortably. This is also a great alternative at times to slip or shapewear!

Dependent on what you already have in your closet, it is always best to start with great neutrals for your work wardrobe. Black, navy, gray, and different shades of brown and tan will help provide you with an excellent foundation for your ensemble. In addition, bold hues serve as a great accent color!

12 Plus Size Work Wear Essentials

The Workwear Key Essentials Are:

  1. Blazer
  2. A-line dress
  3. Crips button up shirt
  4. Tailored Bottoms
  5. Sweeter
  6. Comfortable footwear
  7. Jacket
  8. LBD
  9. Jeans
  10. Skirt
  11. Jumpsuit
  12. Black Pants

Tips For Shopping For Workwear

Step out of your comfort zone. Wear bright colors and bold prints. Break up the color with a brown or black belt. Yes, you can wear a jumpsuit with a blazer and booties. Most online brands have a workwear category, so if you have uncertainties, don’t hesitate to look.

Let’s chat: What is your wear to work essentials? Where do you go to buy your plus-size workwear?

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