Reiki Is Trending All Over TikTok — But Does It Work?

“Having seen a couple of different Reiki practitioners myself, some of them I felt were really incredible. Some were not,” she says, noting that this could also be said about psychotherapists. ​”For people that are curious, I would also just encourage them to not let one practitioner represent the entire practice to them.”

Is distance Reiki legit?

Though it can be beneficial to physically attend these sessions in person to experience the practice in a soothing environment, distance Reiki has become especially popular as the pandemic continues and the world navigates a more virtual existence. “The idea behind distance Reiki is that energy is not confined to time or space, so can be sent anywhere,” Poon says. “Unlike a massage, you can easily work with someone’s energy centers from afar.” Therefore, a person doesn’t have to be in the same room as someone else to give or receive energy, nor do they even have to be synced in time.

With that said, there are a few things that need to be implemented in order for the energy healing to work. First and foremost, the person sending the energy has to set an intention. “One of the things I say to students is that energy healing is 90 percent intention and 10 percent effort,” Reiki master Song Atthajaroon explains. “So as long as you’re putting the intention out there, the Reiki sends itself.” Though this is especially important for the person sending the energy, it’s also important for the person who is receiving it. “The ones who are more intentional [and say] ‘yes, I’m gonna receive this,’ it becomes more impactful.” That’s why the random TikTok video that pops up on your For You Page might not be as effective: Although the person sending out the Reiki might have set a clear intention — like getting a good night’s sleep or getting rid of negativity — chances are you didn’t open the app with that same singular intention in mind. ‘re able to cater it more towards your needs.

The other key to successful Reiki — and distance Reiki, specifically — is permission. Mystique Awakening, Reiki master and one of Tiktok’s most popular Reiki content creators with a hefty 1.3 million followers, discussed this in a pinned video from July 2021. She starts by explaining the importance of free will in reiki: if a person is not willing to receive the energy she is sending, they simply will not receive it. “Healing only happens with the amount that you’re able to receive,” she says. She then continues to explain the importance of consent. Even though people who are not open to receiving her Reiki will simply not receive it, she understands that explicit permission may be important to some of her followers. To honor this, she asks for these people to write their consent in the comments on her future videos.

Can you learn Reiki on your own?

It’s not just Reiki masters doing all the plucking and pulling on TikTok. For every certified Reiki master (the highest status one can attain in their Reiki practice) there’s also an amateur creator using these keywords and motions to gain followers and likes. To become a Reiki master, a person must earn their qualifications through courses. “In order to become a Reiki master, you need to complete three consecutive levels of training,” Reiki master Beth Eiglarsh explains. “During the courses, you learn the history, the concepts, the symbols, and the application.” It’s not until you complete level 3 that you’re able to refer to yourself as a Reiki master. While you’re referred to practitioners 1 and 2, you’re referred to as a Reiki practitioner.


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