Spring Pieces You Can Wear Now and Later

Since it’s February, we’re pretty much past the point of spending time and our hard-earned money shopping for winter essentials. But the weather isn’t permitting us to indulge in our spring wardrobe fantasies. Sigh. The good news? There are several spring pieces you can buy now that you can incorporate into your winter wardrobe.

If you layer right, everything from breezy camisoles to miniskirts to open-back mules can be sported even when there’s snow on the ground. You can flaunt shorts and crop tops right now as long as you know the tricks of the sartorial trade. Like always having basic turtlenecks and tights around so you can wear anything you want at any time. Vests, which are still trending, are another great option since you can wear them solo or over something else.

Then all you have to do is shed said layers once spring finally makes its 2022 debut. Or switch to far lighter layers. And you don’t have to worry about any of these items going out of style anytime soon (#classics). So you’ll still be able to show them off come November.

Keep reading to discover the most stylish spring pieces to stock your closet with for the season(s).

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