Mascara Primers for Supersized Lashess

We actually expect quite a lot from our mascaras. If they deliver twice the volume and length, we want three times the fullness instead. Thankfully, beauty brands continue to innovate with formulas that take our lashes to new extremes. Although there’s only so much a mascara can do on its own. Enter mascara primers.

Lash primers function similar to makeup primers. They provide a much-needed base for mascara to adhere to so it lasts all day (and night) without running. Which is what we really want from our mascaras, after all. Lash primers also help thicken and lengthen lashes before your go-to mascara is even applied. So a lash primer plus a great mascara will help you create the long, flirty lashes of your dreams.

Another plus? Many mascara primers are formulated with nourishing ingredients to help lashes stay soft and smooth. Healthier-looking lashes mean you can skip the mascara on days you want a no-makeup makeup look.

Go ahead and scroll down to see the best mascara primers for supersized lashes. Since this Saturday February 19 is National Lash Day, picking up one is a great way to celebrate.

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