How to Achieve the Bleached Brow Trend Without Any Dye

If you’ve been paying attention to New York Fashion Week (NYFW), you’ve likely noticed some beauty trends emerging. From statement blush to middle parts, NYFW trends are likely to influence personal style for celebrities and beyond. One trend that popped up at a few different shows is bleached eyebrows. If you want to participate in the bleached brow trend without actually dying your eyebrows, we’ve got the advice you need.

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of 90s and early 2000s fads make a triumphant return. “The 90s and early 00s are back with a vengeance, and this includes the generation of bleached brows,” says celebrity eyebrow expert and owner of Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio, Joey Healy. “The look was very runway and was pioneered by makeup artists such as Kevyn Aucoin. It was also very popular with supermodels like Claudia Schiffer. This led to us seeing the look throughout the late 90s to the early 00s.”

Not only are people currently being influenced by old trends, but they’re also more inclined to go for bolder looks. “People are willing to take more risks these days. In this world where we are trying to crawl out of the pandemic, people want to experiment with their look and reinvent themselves with something fresh and new,” says Healy. “It’s also a very fashion-focused look and is traditionally difficult to pull off.”

While the bleached brows are making a proper comeback, they never fully went away. “It’s always been a staple in avant-garde photoshoots,” says celebrity makeup artist Jenna Nicole. “Bleached brows show off your makeup more and really allow you to play with colors.”

Celebrity makeup artist Ermahn Ospina says you can achieve this look without committing to bleach by expertly applying makeup. Healy suggests snagging a brow gel, but choose wisely. “The key is to get it to be the same tone as your skin, so it all but disappears,” he says. It’s all about attention to detail. “When you apply a mascara-like product, you really want to work it into the brow in all directions. You don’t want to just glaze the top, so you are really getting in there down to the base layer, behind the brow,” says Healy. “This will visually erase all of the hairs and eliminate those dark shadows.”

Alternatively, you can use concealer and a clean spoolie, says Jenna. “Dip your spoolie into your concealer and brush it through your brows,” she advises. If you want to use a concealer, Healy says it should have “more of a moussed texture, instead of pressed cream…the concealer should be a little textured, lightweight, somewhat movable, but still full coverage.” He adds that it’s helpful to apply it in layers. Whether you want to use a tinted brow gel or a concealer and fresh spoolie, we’ve rounded up some expert-approved products to help you get the look.


Joey Healy Brow Lacquer ($28)

“What I love about our Brow Lacquer is the brush is smaller, so it’s easier to get in there,” says Joey Healy. The pigmented formula hugs brow hairs for a long-lasting hold.


Sensorium Brow Engineer ($17)

Ospina recommends the Brow Engineer, a great go-to for a quick bleached brow look. This revolutionary product enables you to lighten, enhance or remove the appearance of your brows.


L’Oreal Magic Root Cover ($11)

Healy says you can also use a root touch-up spray, and he recommends this product from L’Oreal. “You carefully spray this on a mascara-type wand, I recommend over the sink because it can be messy, and use it to cover the hairs,” he advises. “Make sure to avoid any products that are orangey. You want to make sure you stick to a nude.”


NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer ($30)

Ospina suggests this matte concealer from NARS. Usually used for blurring and smoothing skin, it can also have that effect on your brows.

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