25 Best Men’s Cashmere Sweaters in 2022: The Luxurious Knits You Need to Stay Cozy

The best men’s cashmere sweaters are a lot like that guy Bryce you couldn’t stand in high school. Remember him? The one who was valedictorian and the star quarterback and the lead in the musical and always really nice to you, which somehow just made you hate him even more? Well, the best men’s cashmere sweaters are the Bryce of autumnal staples. Cashmere is the strongest and warmest and softest and swankiest form of wool there is, and it’s here to take your dry cold weather wardrobe to bold new heights of handsomeness and coziness. The very best cashmere sweaters instantly make whatever you happen to have on that day—a T-shirt and denim, say, or a button-down and blazer—look miles more considered, sophisticated, and polished.

The only real issue you’ll have is settling on the right cashmere sweater for you—especially given the explosion of reasonably affordable options that’s flooded the market in recent years. Are you after a basic cashmere pullover? A svelte cashmere turtleneck, perhaps? How about a currently-trending cashmere cardigan? To help make that decision as simple and streamlined as possible, we found you 25 of the very best men’s cashmere sweaters on the planet—from the gigantic flexes worth dropping a paycheck on to the budget-friendly crewnecks you should cop in every color. You’ll look even better in them than Bryce did the night he was crowned prom king. Stupid Bryce.

The Best Deceptively Simple Cashmere Sweater

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Todd Snyder cashmere crewneck sweater

You don’t have to do much to men’s cashmere sweaters for them to make a big impression. The fabric itself speaks volumes, so even the most basic of sweaters can instantly make an outfit feel a bit luxe, more considered, and totally elevated. (Just look at how put together guys like David Beckham and Justin Theroux look wearing plain-jane pullovers.) At the same time, though, a little visual flourish never hurt anybody, which is why we love these crewnecks from Todd Snyder: they still let the cashmere do the talking, but the raglan stripes at the shoulders steps things up the subtlest of notches.

The Best Affordable Cashmere Sweater

Everlane cashmere V neck

At some point in the last decade or so, a weird thing happened: cashmere, the rarest and most luxurious of wools, became way more accessible. These days, you can find pure cashmere sweaters hovering around the $100 mark in just about every mall chain store—like if you could suddenly cop a Bugatti for the price of a Kia. But not all affordable cashmere sweaters are built equal, and for our money, Everlane’s versions are tops: they’re knit from Grade-A Mongolian fibers—less prone to pilling—with reinforced necklines and cuffs for extra durability. Cop a V-neck—they’re back, baby!—and tuck it in to swervy trousers with nothing underneath.

The Best Chunky Cashmere Sweater

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The Row “Daniel” sweater in cashmere

Some days, when it’s freezing and you’re cranky and maybe a little hungover, you just need to swim in cashmere. You want to be enveloped by the stuff, to have it shield you from the outside world and everyone in it while still making you look really damn good in the process. That’s what this enormous ribbed mock neck from The Row will do for you. It’s cut slouchy and drape-y and will swallow you whole, but is exactingly engineered to do so in the most flattering way possible.

The Best West Coast Cashmere Sweater

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The Elder Statesman cashmere tie-dye sweater

Most cashmere stuff feels very East Coast prep—all straight-laced and solid-colored—which makes sense, because the East Coast is where it’s cold. Back in 2007, though, LA designer Greg Chait flipped that on its head: under the moniker The Elder Statesman, he started making cashmere blankets, then sweaters and ponchos and socks and stuffed animals, with a distinct Californian vibe. The stuff is all tie dyed and dip dyed, sometimes emblazoned with palm trees or magic mushrooms or the checkerboard from your trusty Vans. The wavy pullovers are the perfect thing for a chilly night on the beach, or for shaking up your cold-weather fits with a reminder that summer is just around the corner.

The Best Preposterously Rich Guy Cashmere Sweater

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Brunello Cucinelli ribbed cashmere sweater

Sometimes lost in all the mystique surrounding Brunello Cucinelli—from the 173-acre medieval hamlet in Umbria where he and 800 of his employees live and work in perfect harmony, to the billion summitaires he hosts on occasion—is the fact that guy makes really, really beautiful clothes. Sweaters like this one are the reason he’s long held the crown as the King of Cashmere: the knit work is crisp and immaculate, the fit is snug and luxurious. It’s perfect to the point that upon seeing its near-$3,000 price tag, all you can really do is shrug and mumble, “Checks out.”

The Best Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

Vince cashmere turtleneck

You almost definitely own a slim black turtleneck, which is elegant and goes great with everything, but a touch too delicate to stand up to any sort of windchill. Maybe you’ve got one of those chunky Irish fisherman numbers, too—it’s rugged and handsome and makes you feel like the commander in Dunkirk, but it’s too warm to wear indoors and about as comfortable as a Brillo pad. Well, fashion Goldilocks, here’s the middle ground to add to your rotation: Vince’s just-right cashmere turtleneck. Substantial enough to keep out the cold, trim enough to fit under a sport coat, softer than the dulcet tones of your favorite ASMR YouTuber.

19 More Cashmere Sweaters We Love

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Pangaia recycled cashmere chunky turtleneck sweatshirt

Go on: hug yourself.

Alex Mill “Jordan” lightweight cashmere sweater

Alex Mill’s deceptively luxe all-cashmere sweater is like a good biscuit: dense, buttery, and tough to beat on a crisp spring morning.

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Club Monaco cashmere texture stitch sweater

Think of this as a cold-weather version of a plain white tee, and then style it accordingly.
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Stòffa ribbed cashmere sweater

If you’re not swaddling your torso in ultra-plush hand-knit cashmere at least once a week, you’re doing wrong self-care.

Wills cashmere waffle stitch crewneck sweater

Like a warm, wearable sunset everyone wants to take pictures of.

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Outerknown recycled cashmere and merino wool-blend hoodie

This is what happens when your hoodie strikes it rich and moves to a mansion in Aspen.

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Buck Mason “California” cashmere crewneck sweater

Don’t let that rugged exterior fool you: this toasty pullover is a lot softer than it looks.

Rick Owens distressed open-knit cashmere and wool-blend sweater

Consider this a PSA to check in on your local goth kids. They get chilly too.

Judy Turner “Romeos” rib cashmere sweater

When you’re wearing this, it’s always golden hour.

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Bonobos cotton-cashmere crewneck sweater

Thanks to the luxurious drape of cashmere, the plain Jane crewneck sweater looks…sexy? [Shocked face with exploding head emoji.]

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Maryam Nassir Zadeh wool-cashmere V-neck sweater

Deep Vs for victory!

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State Cashmere basic crewneck sweater

If you’d rather spend $100 on a cashmere sweater in 10 colors than $1,000 on one beige one, well, yeah, that makes sense.

Tricot recycled cashmere sweater

Made from 50% recycled cashmere and done in the perfect shade of purple. Come to papa.

Ralph Lauren cable knit cashmere sweater

Ralph Lauren cable-knit cashmere sweater

An all-time preppy classic that comes in more colors than a box of Crayola.

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Naadam essential cashmere sweater

Pure cashmere, $75 bucks. That’s no misprint.

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Raey roll-neck cashmere sweater

Everybody looks good in a slim black turtleneck.

J.Crew cashmere collared sweater

Once you’ve mastered the crewneck, the next step is a rakish collared sweater.

Patagonia recycled cashmere hoody pullover

Proof that recycling can be as good for your wardrobe as it is for the environment.

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