Fashion Month Fall 2022 Trends

Fashion Month Fall 2022 was a study in contradictions. It appears as if every designer offered some sort of riff on Spring 2022’s now infamous micro skirts brought to us by Miuccia Prada. Not to mention micro shorts and dresses. On the flip side, epically high-waisted pants and skirts also proved popular. It doesn’t exactly balance out.

That’s not all. Necklines reached new lows. Which may work on the red carpet, but not in real life. (See Mônot.) Then there were the cold shoulders. So instead of exposing midriffs, shoulders and arms provided a hint of flesh.

A couple trends showed some real staying power. Even though they both experienced a bit of an evolution. The ever-present opera gloves now come attached to tops and dresses. Or in the same shades as tops and dresses to create a seamless effect.

Tie-dye also remerged. Only this time the patterns were more elaborate. In other words, less Grateful Dead and more hippie chic. Issey Miyake even supplied an elegant take you could almost wear to work be it in the office or over Zoom. Just make sure you check with HR first.

Ready to see what’s to come? Keep reading to discover the top Fashion Month Fall 2022 trends.

Images: Imaxtree

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