What Men Are Talking About Today, Wednesday March 16

Here’s everything Australian men are talking about on Wednesday, March the 16th.

Australia’s cruise ship ban slated to lift

Australia’s cruise ban is set to lift in mid-April. According to Ultimate Cruise News, this meant that cruising will now be back to “every single major market in the world.” Ultimate Cruise News also reports that “the first cruise lines to sail from the country will include Princess Cruises & P&O Australia.”

Yet another superyacht has been seized

Spain has seized (or, technically speaking, “immobilised”) a Russian oligarch’s $140 million ($195 million AUD) superyacht in Barcelona, ​​the Spanish Prime Minister has said. The Guardian reports that “two sources said the vessel belonged to the head of Russian state conglomerate Rostec, an ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin.”

A man has died in flood waters at Broken Hill

According to Mirage News, a man has died after his vehicle entered flood waters in Broken Hill overnight.

A house fire in Sydney is being treated as suspicious

Heart Health is at the forefront of men’s minds

Scott Morrison is under fire for having an “apparent crack” at opposition leader Anthony Albanese’s weight loss, just weeks after a national sporting hero (Shane Warne) and a Senator (Kimberley Kitching) have died of suspected heart attacks in their fifties. Many people, particularly men, are now thinking about their heart health more than usual.

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Bali is back

Australians are finally able to fly to Bali again, without having to quarantine. And (compared to petrol for your car) flights aren’t even that expensive.

Is Byron Baes good or garbage?

Some reckon Byron Baes is binge watching gold, others think it represents “the last days of Rome.”

Some Russians are protesting against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Sydney public transport needs to sort out it’s issues

Image Credit: u/arrogantdumpling

A Reddit thread that began with the above photo of North Sydney’s overly-crowded train station is filled with Reddit users discussing how poor Sydney trains have been ever since the industrial dispute and floods that took place over the last few weeks. Many trains are still being severely delayed or canceled entirely, putting pressure on commuters trying to get to work on time.

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