Big Fig Launches Advocacy Platform for Plus-Size Sleepers #SeeAllOfMe

To commemorate five years of serving the plus size community, Big Fig mattress, the first mattress brand to exclusively cater to big, tall, and plus-sized sleepers, recently launched their #SeeAllOfMe Campaign, a new platform dedicated to advocacy, community service, and heightened visibility for the plus-size demographic through activism, increased allyship, and authenticity.

We are proud to introduce #SeeAllOfMe, which will reinforce our corporate mission, vision, and values ​​to provide a safe and nurturing space for bodies of all shapes and sizes,said Jeff Brown, President of Big Fig. The goal of #SeeAllOfMe is to demonstrate that an individual is more than just a body type and that we need to recognize – and celebrate – all faces of what makes a person who they are: an individual and complete person”, adds Brown.

Big Fig has dedicated a section within the company’s newly relaunched website to the #SeeAllOfMe initiative, complete with the platform’s mission, planned activities to support the movement, a resource page for the plus sized community, as well as an open letter calling for across businesses all industries to become more inclusive.

the big fig collective
Image: Big Fig

To amplify the #SeeAllOfMe platform, Big Fig has announced the creation of the Big Fig Collective; an advisory panel consisting of important voices within the plus-size community to provide insight, expertise, and perspective. And you may recognize a familiar face within the panel… (spoiler alert: our very own editor in chief Marie Leggette is a part of Big Fig’s advisory panel)!

The Big Fig Collective, an advisory panel created exclusively of plus-size advocates, designed to guide the actions of the company and amplify the authentic plus-size experience consists of eight members: Alysse Dalessandro, Miranda Schultz, Dr. Katelyn Baker, Oge Udeogu, Zach Miko, Daniel Franzese, Abi Warrell, and our very own Marie Leggette!

Since our inception, Big Fig has championed inclusivity and acceptance of every body, and everybody’s right to life, love, representation, and a good night’s sleep – and still, we recognize that there is more work to be done, Said Lindsy Argenti, Marketing Director at Big Fig Mattress. “In launching #SeeAllOfMe, we strengthen our commitment to elevate the voices and experiences of those most often excluded from the conversation”.

In addition to the platform’s ongoing presence in amplifying the plus-size industry, Big Fig will be working to ensure unused and returned mattresses within the company’s warranty period will be donated to an organization, placing them in homes of individuals in need of a good night’s sleep.

Our mission is clear: to be a genuine ally for the plus-size community, ensuring everyone and every “body” has a comfortable, long-lasting mattress designed to support a good night’s sleep,said Lindsy Argenti, Marketing Director at Big Fig Mattress. “As we continue to build our #SeeAllOfMe platform, we hope other businesses will do better to elevate the voices and experiences of those most often excluded from the conversation.”

To date, the Big Fig Collective has met to discuss challenges unique to the plus-size community and what other brands can do to raise the voices of a largely underserved demographic.

Read what the Big Fig Collective have to say about Big Fig’s latest initiative:

Alysse Dalessandro- Digital Creator, She/Her

The plus-size community is filled with people who have been treated as outsiders or afterthoughts – and we’re tired of it,said Alysse Dalessandro. “Big Fig understood the need to hand the microphone over to us – so that we can educate other brands on the authentic plus-size experience so that we can all respect and celebrate it in a meaningful way.”

Miranda Schultz – Content Creator, She/Her

Representation matters, and while progress has been made in plus-size fashion, there is still a lot of work to do across other industries,said Miranda Schultz. “Big Fig has not only created a product for our demographic, but also a platform to help raise the voices of plus-size advocates. Other brands would do well to take note.”

Dr. Katelyn Baker PSYD – Dr. of Clinical Psych, Self Love Influencer. She/Her

“As a doctor of clinical psychology, I know how crucial self-acceptance is for an individual’s wellbeing,said Dr. Katelyn Baker. “I have seen size discrimination firsthand. Big Fig has been instrumental in creating a safe space for the plus-size community.”

Oge Udeogu – Entrepreneur, Content Creator. He/Him

Tall and athletic bodies also struggle to fit within ‘everyday’ products,” said Oge Udeogu. “As a former professional football player, I can tell you that a bad night’s sleep will lead to poor performance in a game. In joining the Collective, I look forward to helping Big Fig highlight that not all products are ‘one size fits all.‘ ‘

Zach Miko – Model Writer, Designer. He/Him

The plus-size community is distrustful of brands who have historically tried to appease us temporarily – in order to line their pockets,” said Zach Miko. “As a member of the Big Fig Collective, I’m proud to advise a company which celebrates the plus-size experience but understands there is still work to be done.

Danny Franzese- Actor, Comedian, Model.  He/Him
Danny Franzese – Actor, Comedian, Model. He/Him

In Hollywood costumes, roles, trailers, and props are not built for larger-framed bodies, so it’s easy to feel as if your body is ‘incorrect,’said Daniel Franzese. “Plus-size individuals are conditioned to be ashamed of our size. Big Fig is a prime example of how inclusivity should be done and how we can work together to move the needle.

Abi Warrell - Social Media Expert She/Her
Abi Warrell – Social Media Expert. She/Her

Brands will use the plus-size body for performative allyship,Abi Warrell said. “The Big Fig Collective is not a marketing tactic – it’s an advisory panel guiding the company toward authentic consistentity and genuine allyship.

Marie Leggette – Founder and Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. She/Her

As the Founder of The Curvy Fashionista, I create content that embodies a deeper message of inclusivity, awareness, and positive self-esteem,” said Marie Leggett. “Witnessing a brand actively build a platform that works to humanize and normalize the plus-size world is incredible, and I’m honored to join their vision.

We are definitely excited to see what more comes from this empowering platform!

Big Fig has dedicated a section within the company’s newly relaunched website to the #SeeAllOfMe initiative, complete with the platform’s mission, planned activities to support the movement, a resource page for the plus-sized community, as well as an open letter calling for plus -size inclusivity across all industries.

Check it out for yourself, here!

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