The 16 Best Weighted Blankets of 2022 That Are Soft and Breathable

Thanks to the popularity of Bearaby, more and more knitted blankets have come along, too, which actually don’t require any fill at all. Instead, they lean on the weight of their fabrics, like chunky cotton or Tencel, woven together with airy holes that form a heavy web of material. These are designed to have more airflow than the average blanket.

Keeping in mind all these distinctions, we tested a wide range of weighted blankets to figure out the best in certain shopping categories. Some were covered in coarse textured fabrics, others were smooth. Some were weighted throw blankets, others were comforters, but we made sure to attempt a full night of sleep under each at least once. Below are the ones we kept, er, gravitating towards.

The Best Overall Weighted Blanket: Helix Weighted Blanket

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Helix Weighted Blanket

Available: 10-lb, 15-lb, and 20-lb blankets

Considering that the company makes our favorite overall mattress, it’s no surprise that Helix’s weighted blanket is the closest thing to a jack-of-all trades we’ve found, largely thanks to its double-sided cover. One side is made with smooth fleece, while the other is a more textured shearling microfiber, like that on your favorite fleece jacket. Either side is super cozy, but having the ability to switch between both sides makes using the blanket a kind of choose-your-own adventure in comfort. The glass-bead-filled Helix works as a permanent couch blanket or as a transitional blanket for your bed in the spring and fall. The blanket only comes in one size—big enough to serve as a blanket for your full sized bed, but not so big that it would be ridiculous as a throw.

The Best Cooling Weighted Blanket for Warm Weather: Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

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Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

Available: 12-lb, 15-lb, and 20-lb blankets 

The Baloo Living blanket offers many of the advantages of the Helix weighted blanket, but in a less dynamic package. Instead of coarser fleece, the slim Baloo blanket has the same kind of smooth, crisp-feeling exterior of a luxe percale sheet. It’s not as breathable as one of those thin sheets, but a lot more breathable than similar weighted blankets we tested, which makes it ideal for avoiding overheating in summer weather. The blanket’s elegant spaced-out gridded design also looks like something plucked from a rural Italian villa. It’s encased in an airy cotton cover that can be easily thrown in the wash. The blanket comes in three different sizes, each with a different weight provided by glass microbeads. If you want, you can use the queen size or king size with a duvet cover as a comforter. But if that’s not substantial enough for you in colder months, we’d recommend just getting the 12-pound twin-sized blanket and using it as a couch throw.

The Best Weighted Comforter: Brooklinen Weighted Comforter

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Brooklinen Weighted Comforter

Available: 15-lb, 20-lb, 25-lb, 30-lb, and 35-lb blankets

When you’ve decided to fully embrace all forms of heavy bedding, it’s time for a weighted comforter. As we’ve established, the best comforters are fluffy and warm, yet still breathable like a cloud. Finding one that’s weighted while still maintaining all these qualities is a challenge. The best weighted comforter we’ve found is this glass bead-filled one from Brooklinen. Its cotton sateen shell feels smooth and lightweight, but not overbearingly warm if you want to use it as an all-season blanket. It also comes in a pretty wide range of weights, too, from a 15-pounder all the way up to a 35-pounder.  Be warned: Once you have a weighted comforter, you might find yourself staying in bed for far longer than you intend each morning. 

The Best Knitted Weighted Blanket: Bearaby Tree Napper Weighted Blanket

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Bearaby Tree Napper weighted blanket

Available: 15-lb, 20-lb, and 25-lb blankets

Bearaby’s weighted blanket would make for a visually striking and cozy throw even if it weren’t heavy. Loosely woven fabric loops—rather than glass or plastic beads—give this blanket its heft. They also make it hyper-breathable, much like the wool blanket your grandmother knitted for you when you were heading to college, and made heavy with nothing but layer upon layer of natural, organic cotton. This is especially important for a weighted blanket, which is often thick enough to make being underneath them fairly sauna-like. We prefer the company’s Tree Napper made from tencel—which is a soft, moisture-wicking fabric sourced from tree pulp—to the regular Bearaby Cotton Napper. It’s available in several muted colors, and has a nice coolness to it, too. 

The Best Textured Option: Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket

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Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket

Available: 15- and 20-lb blankets

The Brooklyn Bedding dual therapy weighted blanket offers similar advantages to the Helix, with two differently-textured sides. One is a fleece, speckled with raised bumps, the other is a nice and smooth Tencel fabric. The fleece side delivers warmth while the smooth side has a cooling effect. It’s filled with glass beads inside, which makes this a less bulky blanket, and another big benefit if you’re using it as a comforter is that it comes with a generous 12 ties to keep this puppy strapped into a duvet cover—rather than a measly four, which is the standard. 

For a Crisp Percale-Like Feel: Casper Weighted Blanket

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Casper Weighted Blanket

Available: 10-lb, 15-lb, and 20-lb blankets

The Casper weighted blanket is comparable to one from Baloo, with its lightweight and breathable cotton exterior, glass bead fill, and sleek latticed look. The biggest downside is that it’s spot-clean only and not machine washable, which makes it tough for us to recommend in comparison. Still, so long as you’re not getting night sweats (and remembering to use a top sheet!), it’s not a dealbreaker. It comes in a rich, navy hue which feels a little more luxe than some of the other comforter-style picks on this list.

The Best Budget Weighted Blanket: Luna Weighted Blanket

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Luna Weighted Blanket

Available: 12-lb, 15-lb, 20-lb, 22-lb, 25-lb, and 30-lb blankets

Luna’s original weighted blanket is a solid budget option at just $70, which offers one of the widest range of color options that we’ve seen, from solids to stripes and even a sold-out tie-dye print. It’s a great blanket if you don’t want to spend a ton of money, but still want some quality fabrication (Okeo-Tex certified cotton). It also has a smooth texture like some of our more expensive picks, but we found it to be slightly less breathable. The original comes in three sizes (from full to king), but the brand has also expanded its collection of alternatives in case you’re dabbling. It currently offers a smaller variation for children, as well as a cooling bamboo option for warm weather and a sherpa option for winter.

The OG Weighted Blanket: The Gravity Blanket

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Gravity Blanket

Available: 15-lb, 20-lb, 25-lb, and 35-lb blankets

The hyperpopular Gravity Blanket was first launched on Kickstarter in 2017 and was the first weighted blanket to really take off in the market. You could say that it’s the original that spawned the current craze for weighted toppers. It’s still one of the best options out there, with a soft and plush quilted exterior and ties that help keep the blanket evenly distributed within its cover. Gravity has since launched two weighted blanket spinoffs: a cooling one and even an electric blue collaboration blanket with the Calm meditation app.

The Best Weighted Quilt: Saatva Weighted Blanket

Saatva Weighted Blanket

Available: 15-lb and 25-lb blankets

Saatva’s diamond-stitched blanket has a rich velvety texture to it that makes it feel more like a fancy quilt in someone’s country estate than any old blanket. It’s also one of the few organic cotton weighted blankets out there, if you care about your sourcing. The only downside is that Saatva comes in just two weight classes—a 15-pounder and a 25-pounder—so if you’re slightly more petite, you may way to check out one of our other picks. 

The Best Weighted Throw: Brooklinen Weighted Throw Blanket

Brooklinen weighted throw blanket

Available: 12-lb blanket

 It’s unsurprising that the maker of our favorite weighted comforter also make a great weighted throw. This Brooklinen option has a textured cotton exterior that feels pleasantly tactile for thumbing over when you’re nervously gripping your way through an episode of Euphoria, and the 12-pound size feels like just the right weight for some soothing pressure on your lower half while you’re taking a nap. Though any smaller size of the blankets we’ve recommended thus far can be used as a throw blanket, we liked the look of this one for tossing over the arm of the couch.

For Superior Softness: Layla Weighted Blanket

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Layla Weighted Blanket

Available: 15-lb, 20-lb, and 25-lb blankets

Layla’s weighted blanket has a reputation for being one of the softest weighted blankets out there, and we can confirm that the rumors are true. It’s another dual-sided option with one side that’s plush and minky like a teddy bear and the other side that’s cooler and smoother for warm nights. It’s not the most breathable blanket out there, so we’d recommend it for winter, and it does run slightly small (so it may not cover your entire bed), but the weight distribution is right, and it fairly frequently goes on sale if you’re looking to buy it for less. 

For Luxe Fabrics: Luxome Weighted Blanket

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Luxome Removable Cover Weighted Blanket

Available: 15-lb, 18-lb, and 35-lb blankets 

Luxome is another pick we liked for the crispness and breathability of its bamboo lyocell blanket, though it also comes in plush minky options. There’s even a dual-sided lyocell/mink version if you want to choose your textures based on your mood. It comes with a cooling cotton inner blanket insert and a washable outer cover, so you can pop that into the washing machine and keep it fresh from season to season. The lyocell also feels lush and silky to sleep under on sweaty nights. 

4 More Affordable Weighted Blanket Options on Amazon

We haven’t had a chance to test these last couple options ourselves yet, but they all come highly rated on Amazon, with thousands of reviews to back them up, and cost less than $100. 

The Best Weighted Blanket Set: YnM Blanket Set

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YnM Weighted Blanket

Available: 5-, 7-, 10-, 12-, 15-lb, 20-lb, 22-lb, 25-lb, and 30-lb blankets

This affordable three-piece weighted blanket set from YnM comes with not one, but two removable covers. One is cool and smooth for warm nights and the other has a furrier, fluffier texture (a faux “minky” fabric) for cool nights. Swap them depending on whether you’re a hot sleeper or not, or just switch them out each season. If you’re looking for versatile color and pattern options, good news: This set is available in seven different options. If that’s not enough for you, scope out YnM’s collection of printed and patterned weighted blankets here. 

The Best Goes-With-Everything Weighted Blanket: ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket

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ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket

Available: 5-lb, 12-lb, 15-lb, 17-lb, 20-lb, and 25-lb blankets

This ZonLi blanket looks and feels more like a comforter, and has a nice quilted pattern to it, which helps keep the beads evenly distributed. It comes in some muted neutral shades and pastels, and includes a liner to insulate the beads for added comfort. It’s also got a cool 20,000 positive reviews to its credit, and remains one of Amazon’s most popular weighted blankets. 

The Best Striped Weighted Blanket: Uterrmara Sherpa Striped Weighted Blanket

Uttermara sherpa striped weighted blanket

Available: 15-lb and 20-lb blankets

It’s pretty rare to see a weighted blanket in a striped pattern like this, which makes it a lot more pleasing to the eye. Instead of the traditional quilting on the blanket facing out, the Uttermara uses a plushy striped surface on the outside and a fleece-y sherpa quilted side on the interior. Another quirk is that the Uttermara is filled with ceramic beads, which dials down the cost a bit, though everything is encased in seven layers of to ensure even weight distribution and provide some padding against noise. We don’t love that the Uttermara is a spot-clean only situation, but for $55, it’s still a great deal. 

The Best Sherpa Throw Blanket: Degrees of Comfort Weighted Throw Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Upgraded Weighted Throw Blanket

Available: 5-lb, 7-lb, 10-lb, 12-lb, 15-lb, and 20-lb blankets

And for a blanket that will make you feel like you’re huddled under a sherpa jacket in the best possible way, this throw-size Degrees of Comfort option has a velvety exterior and a fleece-y interior for days you’re planning to marathon your favorite show on the couch. Nicely, it ranges in weight from a 5-pounder for children to a 20-pounder for adults, and even has a one-year warranty in case you notice the fleece is pilling or matting with wear. 

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