Struggling With Dullness? This Cleanser-Essence Duo Is Exactly What Your Skin Needs

Looking to bash dull skin and brighten your complexion? Look no further than VITABRID C¹², a vitamin C-forward line that was named one of the world’s eight most innovative technologies. Its formula not only delivers active vitamin C into the skin’s dermis layer for over 12 hours, but it stabilizes and protects the ingredient from becoming oxidized to deliver its bright benefits for longer. If you don’t know where to start, start off your VITABRID C¹² routine for free by signing up for BeautyPass.

Available for this weeks installment of Free Gift Friday is VITABRID C¹² Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser ($32) and VITABRID C¹² Facial Boosting Water ($28), both of which house the skin-restoring powers of vitamin C.

To start your new routine, apply a quarter-sized amount of the cleanser to the skin and watch as all signs of makeup and excess oil wash away. While sweeping away dead skin cells and impurities, it promotes healthy, balanced and deeply hydrated skin for a soft-to-the-touch finish. The formula also contains kahai oil, the brand’s proprietary Vitabrid CG and white clay to deeply cleanse and dig out dirt from the pores.

Once your skin is dry, move onto the Facial Boosting Water, a treatment essence that refines skin texture and prepares the skin for the rest of your routine. This formula contains VITABRID C¹²’s ​​smoothing peptide complex and three layers of hyaluronic acid to keep the skin balanced and revitalized. Simply apply this on a cotton pad and swipe across the face. Once it dries, your next steps await.

There are 11 other products in the line (some of which are targeted towards the scalp), and they all claim to deeply moisturize the skin barrier. But, there are two in particular that we like to use after our essential cleanser and essence. The VITABRID C¹² Face Brightening Serum ($68) is the perfect next step, as it works to smooth early signs of aging, improve hyperpigmentation and reduce pore size. To lock everything in and keep our skin supple, we finish off our skin-boosting routine with VITABRID C¹² Wrinkle Cream ($70), a must-have for plump, clear and glowing skin.

If you’re interested in giving these products—and hundreds of other amazing beauty items—a try, sign up for BeautyPass.

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