26 Best Hoodies for Men in 2022: Champion, Nike, John Elliott, and More

Before we dive into the best hoodies for men, let’s get one thing straight: There’s no such thing as a bad hoodie If it’s got all the essential ingredients—cozy fabric, roomy hood, long sleeves (Sorry, Bill Belichick)—it’s worth your time, in at least some capacity. Even the sloppiest, bleach-stained-iest hoodie around has the ability to take your enjoyment of a Sunday spent lounging on the couch from an 8 to a full-on 10. It’s a warm hug you can wear. But some hoodies are better than others, in terms of looks or quality or both. If you’re looking for a new public-facing in addition to your hoodie rotation—the kind of sweatshirt that looks as great under a topcoat in winter as it will with shorts and a T-shirt in the spring—we’ve tracked down all The finest options available to you right now. All hoodies are good hoodies, but these 26 are the absolute best hoodies for men.

The Best All-Around Hoodie

Reigning Champ pullover hoodie

Reigning Champ pullover hoodie

If you haven’t had the chance—or, more accurately, the patience to line up for a chance—to wear a Supreme hoodie, you’ve been missing out. And we aren’t (only) referring to the illusory clout you gain after slipping on a high-caliber grail. We’re talking about the hoodie itself: the fleece is dense and weighty, the industrial-strength ribbed panels at the sides and hems deliver a healthy amount of give, the hood is perfectly proportioned. But in the event you just aren’t the box logo type, or don’t have an extra grand or two to blow on the streetwear resale market, there’s another, more accessible way to understand how the hyper half lives. Just over a decade ago, Vancouver’s CYC Design Corp—the former manufacturer behind Supreme’s superior sweats—launched Reigning Champ, which churns out the same heavy-duty athleticwear minus the thirst-inducing branding and highly limited supply. All the game-raising coziness, zero risk of inciting an actual riot.

The Best Hoodie You Already Own

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Champion Life reverse weave pullover hoodie

OK, come on: we don’t really need to sell you on this one, do we? Champion sweatshirts, like 501s and Chucks, have probably been a fixture in your wardrobe since before you could spell “wardrobe.” Instead, let’s use this space to reaffirm why they’ve been worthy of your loyalty all these years. Mainly, it’s the construction: way back in the ’30s, Champion introduced their patented reverse weave technique, a process that jacks up the fleece’s durability and makes it impervious to shrinking. That one innovation instantly made Champion’s sweaters the go-to outfitter for every college sports program in the country, and a favorite of Japanese vintage hunters many decades later. They still make ’em the same way, and their hoodies still last damn near forever—and deserve a spot on this list—because of it.

The Best Dressy-ish Hoodie

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Calibrating your wardrobe for the WFH era is all about finding those Swiss Army garms that look and feel right in the widest possible range of situations. J.Crew’s newest hoodie fits that mold perfectly: the ultra-soft Mongolian cashmere is warm but refined like your best business casual sweaters, but it’s still, you know, a hoodie. Which means you can wear it on an important Zoom call with a client, out to the dog park for a little fresh air, and then cinch it up on the couch for a long night of The Queen’s Gambit without anyone ever blinking an eye. Rock it with the matching sweatpants, and you’ll be tempted not to change again till spring.

The Best Slightly Oversized Hoodie

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John Elliott Beach hoodie

John Elliott built his menswear empire—opening enormous royals in West Hollywood and designing kicks for LeBron—all on the back of an era-defining hooded sweatshirt. Seven years on, Elliott hasn’t lost a step. His latest model feels bang-on for 2021: baggier and boxier in all the right ways, cut from a lighter weight cotton that’s perfect for sunny spring days or layering up for fall.

The Best Advanced Flex Hoodie

Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God is a go-to for casual coffee-getters from Los Angeles to New York, bringing quality materials and maison-level manufacturing to the forefront of the new American sportswear. In recent years, however, FOG has become a definitive force in capital-L luxury—we’re talking collaborations with Zegna, cashmere overcoats aplenty, and more than a few supple double-breasted blazers. The brand’s past and present come together in the form of this knit hoodie, reminiscent of something you’d have seen at your local yacht club in the ’80s, with the requisite heavy-gauge knit wool and docksider-ready cream color. But this is Fear of God, not some exclusive preppy outpost, so the fit is refined for the modern era—a drop shoulder, a semi-cropped body—which makes it distinct from any other on the market today. And that subtle logo tag on the hood? That’s for letting the hypebeasts you’ve left behind know that you’ve still got a flex or two left in you.

The Best Workout Hoodie

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Nike Sportswear black club fleece hoodie

You don’t necessarily need a tech-heavy, over-pocketed, eight-zipper hoodie for that 3x-weekly lope around your neighborhood. This Nike classic is as basic as they come but has everything you need to get in a sweat. Requsitie athletic wear logo? Check. Cotton-poly blend that’ll make it softer with age? Check. Few other 50-dollar hoodies are as guaranteed to become a part of your everyday rotation as this one is.

20 More Hoodies We Love

Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga hoodie

There are no two men who have spent more time over the last decade refining the shape, style, and fit of hoodies—and they’ve now combined forces on the iconic logo hoodie from Gap. Cut with an ultra-wide silhouette, this piece isn’t just a must-have for Yeezy disciples. It’s for all the fashion-forward fleece lovers out there.
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Off-White Carravaggio arrow hoodie

One of the late great Virgil Abloh’s most iconic style references was Italian baroque painter Carravaggio, whose worked graced the designer’s hoodies going all the way back to his guerilla streetwear days with Pyrex Vision. With a decade of hindsight it’s safe to say this hoodie is now a classic.
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adidas essential hoodie

Adidas’s retro logo and a Miami Vice-hue add up to an extremely chill beach night you can take with you everywhere you go.

Beams Plus athletic popover hoodie

One might argue that a washed gray hoodie is in fact *more* essential than a true black one simply because it’ll look a bit more at home when paired with your favorite lightwash jeans.

Columbia Viewmont II graphic sleeve hoodie

An outdoorsy hoodie to pair with your with your best cargo shorts—yep!—for totally timeless and totally trend-proof hiking style.


Dick’s Sporting Goods

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Visvim distressed garment dyed hoodie

The vintage scholars at Visvim take seriously the recreating the hand feel and wash of old garments. This perfectly-washed hoodie is hand-distressed, giving it an artisan-level essence of one you found thrifting without the potential funkiness.

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Emotionally Unavailable emo hoodie

Nothing says sad boy season like a hoodie over your dome. Rep your feelings like your alma mater!

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ERL gray cotton hoodie

Venice, Italy or Venice, California. You decide. This hoodie has a relaxed fit that feels at home anywhere in the world.

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Les Tien garment dyed cotton jersey hoodie

This hoodie underwent not one, not two, but three (!) stages of dyeing to help you land those authentically-yours fades over time. It’s got just the right amount of vintage appeal (note the slightly oversized fit, and lace loops where a drawstring would have been once upon a time) and comes in a grip of easy-to-wear spring colors.

Mooji Mooji classic hoodie

Our favorite non-vintage, vintage-looking hoodie pairs well with your best beat-to-hell blue jeans.

Everlane track hoodie

For the minimalists among us.

Everbody.World 100% scour hoodie

Because raw, unbleached recycled cotton happens to make for one of the best hoodies on the market.

Carhartt 'Paxton' hooded heavyweight sweatshirt

Carhartt “Paxton” hooded heavyweight sweatshirt

Our own Chris Gayomali recently described this hardy, water-repellent joint as being “on the heavier side, so it feels kind of like you’re wearing a weighted blanket.” Sounds comforting.
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GQ 8-Ball Hoodie

Inspired by the cosmic grunge of ’90s head shop iconography, GQ’s very first hoodie features downright tattooable 8-Ball logos on the front and back—the kind of thing you’d find if you were searching for your favorite magazine in 1996 and ducked into a smoke store instead of a newsstand.

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Colorful Standard classic organic popover hoody

Just peachy!

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3sixteen heavyweight pullover hoodie

A thick-cut hoodie with a cleverly hidden pocket.

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Outerknown Hightide pullover hoodie

A hoodie that’ll make you feel good on the outside (it’s cut from sumptuously soft terry toweling) and the inside (the fabric is woven using 54% organic cotton and 46% recycled polyester) alike.

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