Bella Hadid Uses This De-Puffing Trick Every Morning

We just learned another Bella Hadid secret for achieving tight skin, and it doesn’t involve the use of any tools. In a recent Instagram video, the supermodel is shown practicing her morning facial cold plunge routine, which was taken by her long-time friend and makeup artist, Isamaya Ffrench.

Also known as an “ice facial,” this de-puffing method is known to have an immediate tightening, de-puffing effect on the skin, as it makes the pores tighten and the blood vessels contract. Cold plunging, especially when done on the entire body, also helps reduce fatigue and tension. According to Discover Magazinea recent case study reported that a woman who had suffered from depression for eight years stopped taking antidepressants after swimming in cold water once a week improved her mood.

Hadid often posts about her other de-puffing secrets, and most recently she shared her high-energy FaceGym workout, which she says, “helps with the crazy inflammation/puffiness I get from my Lyme.” This utilizes a high-pressure shot of frozen CO2, which activates blood microcirculation and boosts collagen. It seems like Hadid gravitates towards all the cold facial treatments, and we’re following in her footsteps.

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