The Top 10 Best Wellness Retreats in The Country!

Are you ready to make a big escape? Do you hear the beaches or mountains calling, and this time, don’t want to have the power to resist? Wonderful! Everyone needs a chance to get away and rejuvenate. Spending time in a different location can recharge your spirit, increase your feelings of gratitude, and help you reconnect with yourself. And there’s something especially decadent about spending time away from home and your routine.

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But maybe you’re feeling the urge to do more with your vacation time this year. That’s great too! If you want to use your time away to make progress on your self-development and learn the strategies and skills, you need to reach your wellness goals, look no further than one of these top wellness retreats. There are several amazing retreats in the United States that specialize in exercise, spirituality, trauma release, nutrition, and personal development. And don’t worry – we’ve done the legwork for you. Here are the top 10 best wellness retreats in the country.

top wellness retreats, reset telluride

Wellness Retreats for Exercise

Want to up-level your fitness? These retreats are for you.

Found right in her hometown, Erin suggests checking out Reset Telluride for your next wellness retreat. Reset Telluride uses the altitude to get deep into your body for wellness improvement. The program works to push your entire body to a new level, but there are three variations of the program: Reach, Recharge, and Roam, so you’ll be able to get the intensity and adventure level you want. The six-day, six-night retreat is packed with varying levels of fitness, guided meditation, and clean eating. Plus, the gorgeous backdrop of the Colorado mountains will inspire you to push yourself a little more than you thought possible.

unite fitness retreat, top wellness retreats

The key to Unite Fitness Retreat’s programs is that they are individualized for your unique needs. The coaches use an in-depth analysis that explores your physical strengths and weaknesses. Then they plan your program based on your goals and how long you plan to stay. Of course, they are couple fitness with nutrition and mindset work too, so when you leave, you’ll be ready to continue your results. The Salt Lake City, Utah resort boasts stunning views of the mountains but with the amenities of the city. You’ll enjoy time in town while also being able to escape to nature when you want.

top wellness retreats, the art of living retreat center

Wellness Retreats for Spirituality

Maybe you’re interested in deepening your connection to your spirit. These retreats are perfect for you.

If you’re ready to take your spirituality to a higher level, committing to a retreat at Art of Living will help you get there. They have a variety of options, including a Meditation Retreat, a Silent Retreat, and a Happiness Retreat. The retreat’s residential environment helps deepen your connection with your spirit. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Art of Living Retreat Center uses the mountains and forest as the natural setting and grounding area for learning and “spiritual digging.” The courses are immersive and intense, but you will be able to find your peace in the serene and beautiful surroundings.

springwater center retreat, top wellness retreats

The backbone of the Springwater Center’s meditation retreat is the Silence Retreat. Attendees spend their time learning, working, and doing other activities all while maintaining silence. While the idea of ​​being silent for a week may be intimidating, the natural flow of the day allows for opportunities to connect with others in new ways. The Springwater Center is in New York’s beautiful Finger Lake region. And you can participate in the retreats as an attendee or a volunteer. There are several nature hikes and trails surrounding the property, complementing the rustic setting.

top wellness retreats, sedona self love retreats

Wellness Retreats for Releasing Trauma

As Erin talked about in this recent video, many of us carried trauma from as far back as our childhoods. If you’d like to move past yours, these retreats could help you.

The Sedona Self Love Retreat Center focuses on emotional and spiritual healing. The sessions are all private, so you can book when it suits your calendar and stay as long as you need to. Be ready to work when you’re there. The sessions are intense and will help you get to the root of your trauma and disconnect. Sedona’s red earth is a calming and grounding background for the emotional workout you’ll give yourself. It’s also only a short drive from the surrounding state parks and national forests. If that’s not your style, the neighborhood has several unique boutiques and attractions too.

top wellness retreats, intensive therapy retreat

The three-to-five-day sessions at Intensive Therapy Retreats are just as you would expect. Specifically designed to help PTSD, abuse, and trauma survivors, the center explains that the retreat “is not a vacation.” Planners design the sessions to help you move through your past and recognize your self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. You won’t have to do the work alone, though. Mental health counselors are available to help you process your emotions. The Intensive Therapy Retreat Center is in Northampton, Massachusetts. The area known as “Noho” has the northeast flavor and options that give it charm.

Vera Via fit retreat, carlsbad CA, top wellness retreats

Top Wellness Retreats for Nutrition/ Weight Loss

Perhaps your goal is straightforward. You want to lose weight and get your nutrition on track. So, check out these retreats!

VeraVia Fit helps you get a handle on your nutrition and weight loss Through personalized classes and schedules that help you discover what mistakes you’re making in your wellness journey. The site caters to goal-oriented and driven people who know what they want, but just got derailed in the process. VeraVia Fit is in Carlsbad, CA, so you have the opportunity to see the ocean and more rugged terrain. It couples luxury with wellness in a gorgeous way. Yes, you’ll be working on your nutrition and weight loss, but you’ll be doing it in a beautiful setting that takes your breath away.

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top wellness retreats, movara

Movara focuses their weight loss and nutrition plans on three things: consistency, simplicity, and accountability. They work with you to help you build the skills and discipline you need to jump-start your weight loss while you’re there and maintain the weight loss once you leave. The all-inclusive, resort-like retreat center uses the Utah mountains for many of their hikes. The modern aesthetic helps blend the inside with the outside, so while you have a five-star experience, the beautiful natural views are never far away.

hoffman process retreat, wellness retreats

Top Wellness Retreats for Personal Development

Looking to become the best version of yourself and kick your unhealthy mindset to the curb? These two retreats are worth checking out.

The Hoffman Institute is a world-renowned personal development center. The week-long retreat focuses on negative behaviors and ways of thinking that we established for ourselves in childhood. You learn to align your thoughts with the results you want and make conscious decisions about how you want to act. Lisa of @LisaJMakeup attended this retreat and shares a bit about her experience with us…

A lifelong people pleaser, I have never been one to set boundaries, and for much of my life I was so out of alignment with my true inner self. I walked away [from this retreat] With an immense amount of love, compassion and forgiveness for not only myself, but for my parents, grandparents, and everyone in my life. It was a life changing, transformative week and I am eternally grateful for that experience.”

top wellness retreats, maui healing retreat

Maui Healing Retreat offers several retreats that can help you improve every area of ​​wellness. Several of their packages include personal development, so you can become aligned with your authentic self and live the life you desire. They also offer short, intense stays or longer, slower-paced retreats. With the island of Maui as the backdrop, you know the sights, sounds, and smells you’ll have every day will be some of the most sensual in the world. You’ll be able to improve your mind and thoughts while indulging your senses in a kaleidoscope of beauty.

Have you ever been on a wellness retreat? What do you look for when planning your time away? I would love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments.

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