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We know that exercising is good for both our minds and bodies. But have you ever wondered what sort of toll our workout habits have on the environment? We certainly have. Research has found that much of our go-to apparel (including those comfy spandex yoga pants and cute, breathable crop tops) isn’t sustainable in the long run. Many of the fabrics, such as polyester, acrylic, nylon and the aforementioned spandex, require unsustainable fossil fuels and produce greenhouse emissions. As comfortable and stylish as these items are, they simply aren’t the best choices when it comes to protecting our planet. Thankfully, there are plenty of eco-friendly fitness apparel brands to choose from. And none sacrifice style or performance.

So what makes this gear sustainable? These brands have made a commitment to do all they can to lessen their impact on our planet. We’re talking labels that make their products out of post-consumer plastics or sustainable fabrics like alpaca fur. Or companies that donate a chunk of their proceeds to environmental groups.

In celebration of Earth Month, we’re giving some of our favorite eco-friendly fitness apparel brands a shout-out. These labels are going above and beyond to reduce their carbon footprints and put the planet first. Which provides extra motivation to work out. Why? Because you’ll be helping yourself and Earth.

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