How Entrepreneur Shrankhla Holecek Finds Her Calm

As a feminist, avid justice-seeker, lifelong yogi and founder of Ayurvedic skin-care brand UMA, India-born Shrankhla Holecek is the definition of well-rounded. But, with so many hobbies and a long to-do list, Holecek’s busy mind finds calm in foot rubs, honey masks, a glass of red wine and some solid class fiction.

Night Moves

“My evening ritual includes dry brushing and Abhyanga (self-massage)—I try to do this in the mornings but often can’t get to it—followed by a hot shower, aromatherapy foot rubs, oiling my belly button, and some TV .

Sea Legs

“I’m going through this fish phase—the study kind, not the dietary kind. I went on a tropical vacation and am 98-percent sure I saw a barracuda swimming toward me while snorkeling. I was deathly scared and incredibly excited, and I’ve been studying up on varieties of fish since.”

Morning Glory

“I have a very simplified morning routine. I do a quick cleanse with an UMA cleanser ($65), or I’ll apply a layer of honey, step into the shower and let the steam go to work. Then, I use a homemade vitamin C serum that I batch every week before using a few drops of our face oil. For makeup, it is minimal: a little Becca Concealer and a subtle Surratt Sheer Lipstick ($34) in a high-shine finish.”

Fan Favorites

Tuscany is her favorite city, Capo in Santa Monica her favorite restaurant, a great bottle of red wine her ultimate splurge, and she says “there’s no greater indulgence than sleeping in.”

Official Uniform

“I have been in Australia a lot recently and I am a proud new owner of some Zimmermanns. I’m also breaking up my go-to Vince or Theory work uniforms with some Manning Cartell.”

Carry On

She always carries a notebook and pen, 8Greens Effervescent Tablets ($39), a vial of UMA Pure Calm Wellness Oil ($85), a compact and red lipstick, a pack of tissues, mints, and her laptop.

Art Beat

When it comes to art books, Holecek vacillates. “I love this Taschen compilation on Van Gogh. But, I also, somewhat absurdly, equally love this book of Star Wars illustrations by Ralph McQuarrie.”

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