Organize and Declutter Now With 6 Expert Tips For Ultimate Spring Cleaning

I’ve said it so many times you’re probably sick of hearing it, but decluttering your space is the most important tip when it comes to keeping a clean and organized home. Too much “stuff” can be overwhelming not only to the eye but it can also lead to unnecessary stress…and “mind clutter”. I can’t sit down to work at my desk until my entire office is clean. Clean space = clean mind. So, where do you start?

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Organize and Declutter

#1) Set A Timer

Set a timer or block off 20 minutes. It really does help! Tacking a large project can be overwhelming so it’s difficult to get started. But, if you work in 20-minute intervals (give or take), that seems doable, right? Use the checklist above as a guide as you move from room to room.

#2) Clean As You Go

My favorite spring cleaning weapon is this Dyson cordless vacuum. As you are decluttering, bring this baby with you. When you remove and edit items from your home, little dust bunnies are left behind. This powerful purger gets into all the nooks and crannies and it’s super lightweight.

Keep scrolling for a few more tips to help you get started. What if you tackled one room per week for the next few weeks, just 20 minutes a session? That is manageable and your house will look so much better and you will feel so much better!

In case you missed it, I shared some tips to help you get and stay organized in this post.

What one item did you unnecessarily keep for years and finally part with? Bonus points if it’s a bit embarrassing 😂 I’ll go first. I only recently threw away…my kids “Tooth Fairy” teeth! I know, gross right? They are 17 and 19 for reference. Now you!
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#3) Organize Your Bathroom

When you are ready to declutter your bathroom, you can use the checklist above to help you focus on what needs to be tossed. Do your towels need a refresh? While I love a crisp white towel, they’re really hard to keep clean (especially after removing makeup) so gray is an alternative I embrace! Roll towels and store them in a large basket if you don’t have a linen closet close by. They will take up less room and look pretty. And, you know that product graveyard you have of items you didn’t really like but kept because they were expensive or “maybe someday you’ll need it”? If someday hasn’t been in the last 6 months, let her go! Check your expiration dates on medication, makeup and sunscreen. These under sink organization bins are handy for products you DO want to keep!

Chambers Organic Towels


Stackable Cosmetic Bins


Seagrass Wood Handled Basket


#4) Clean Out Your Bedroom Closet

In the bedroom, closets can quickly get out of control! Editing at least twice a year is your best bet for staying on top of the clutter. These hangers are the KEY to fitting more into your closet and keeping it uniform and atheistically pleasing. Organization bins are ideal for belts, scarves and other accessories. You can store your out-of-season clothing and shoes in under-bed boxes so that what you see in your closet is everything you would actually wear! TIP: Turn hangers in the opposite direction for items you’re not sure about keeping. If an item is still facing the “wrong” direction after 6 months, it’s probably time to donate it!

Velvet No-Slip Hangers


Velvet No-Slip Pant Hangers


Closet Shelf Dividers


Clear Stackable Closet Bins


Under Bed Storage Box


#5) Have a Kept Kitchen

I know, you are thinking there is no way you could declutter your pantry or fridge in 20 minutes. BUT, break your project into sections or zones that you can tackle in short periods of time. How happy would you be to look into your spice cabinet or drawer and see all un-expired AND coordinating jars? Maybe it’s sad that this makes my heart flutter but it does. Use organizational bins for smaller items in your refrigerator and pantry. Replace any old or soiled tea towels (linked Erin’s favorite!) and get rid of any storage containers that don’t have a matching lid (where do they all go?)

Glass Spice Jar & Label Set


William Sonoma Kitchen Towel Set


Refrigerator Organizer Bins


Set of 8 Refrigerator & Pantry Bins


Glass Food Storage Set


#6) Declutter Like Marie Kondo!

Marie Kondo, decluttering expert, suggests that you throw away 3 things a day to avoid over-clutter in your life. If you have those “junk drawers” ​​around the house or in your office, this is such an easy way to slowly purge. No, you don’t need your iPhone box, THAT many rubber bands, and ALL those receipts. Keep all spare change in one bag or jar. Keep a “trash” pile and a “donate” pile and just get rid of things around your home that are dated, worn, tattered or that don’t “spark joy”, as Marie would say. Get unencumbered by stuff! And, just in case you’re unsure, that random cord you have saved that apparently plugs into nothing…it doesn’t spark joy!

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