Eco-Friendly Fashion and Organic Beauty Products

It’s certainly no secret that the fashion and beauty industries can be wasteful and unethical. Clothing manufacturers get (rightly) dragged for subpar factory conditions. Not to mention high carbon emissions. Beauty companies for their use of environmentally unfriendly ingredients along with packaging and penchant for animal testing. Ick. Which is why we’re searching for eco-friendly fashion and beauty buys.

With Earth Day just around the corner, what better time to green-ify our shopping habits? It can be hard to find green items that excite us as much as, say, a pair of Nikes or a tube of Chanel’s latest lip shade. But they’re absolutely out there. We wear.

Now more than ever, sustainable fashion and natural beauty industries are closing in on the mainstream. (In a world where the East Coast sees snow in April, who wants to contribute to global warming?) Brands new and old — Reformation, Stella McCartney, RMS Beauty, Burt’s Bees, etc. — have clearly made sustainability the standard without compromising on design or product payoff.

Ready to start replacing your chemical-laced empties and fast-fashion gear? Keep reading for 50 eco-friendly fashion and beauty must-haves from all-around good brands. There’s definitely something for every Earth, beauty and fashion lover.

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