Earth Day Awards 2022: Best Clean Beauty Products

Fact: There’s never been a better time to go green when it comes to your beauty routine. Why? Well, there’s more demand than ever before for beauty products that are actually good for your skin, hair and Earth. So naturally there’s been an explosion of natural and organic options on the market just waiting for you to add them to your virtual cart.

These products all have clean, nontoxic formulas. They also come in recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging. All of them work just as well as their non-green counterparts. That way you don’t have to sacrifice performance when making the switch. Which means saying goodbye to guilt and hello to glowing skin, shiny, soft strands and magnificent makeup looks.

Earth Day (April 22) is a great time to take stock of the products you’re currently using. Then you’ll be able to see if you can make your beauty routine a little more clean and eco-friendly. To help you out, we sifted through everything out there to highlight the best of the best in our 2022 Earth Day Awards.

Keep reading to see certified ways to clean up your beauty routine with these top-notch skin care, hair and makeup stars in the green beauty space.

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