6 Wellbeing Gifts Perfect For Friends Who Need Some Self-Love

Wellness is having a moment and thank goodness. It’s the perfect reminder for all of us who can do with a little more self-care in our lives. However, finding the time to practice self-care is hard enough, but finding the right set of tools to help you reach that level of bliss is another challenge altogether. Sometimes the loved ones in our lives can do with a little encouragement and what better way to do that than giving them the gift of “me time”?

If you’ve already got a friend or relative in mind who needs a break, take a look at some of the best gifts for those who need some self-love.

The gift of a good book to kickstart “me time”

What’s more luxurious than sitting in a comfy corner of your home with a good read?

Better yet, add a cup of coffee or cocoa to the mix and you’re in bliss land. Books are treasured possessions for us all, and great for helping us switch off and relax. Pick up the latest read from their favorite author, or branch out with a book they haven’t heard of but might enjoy!

Plus, they can be a lovely personalized gift. Pop a note at the front of your book, with your name and the date to commemorate the occasion.

A luxury weighted blanket to help them rest easy

If you’ve not experienced the bliss of a weighted blanket, you’re missing out. Weighted blankets can help calm, soothe anxiety and also improve sleep quality.

A luxury blanket makes a meaningful and thoughtful gift, allowing your loved one to let out a big “sigh” and sink into their sofa for some downtime.

They’re soothing and relaxing, especially if you opt for a heated one, which helps your muscles to switch off and prepare for bed.

Candles and scents to set the tone

The perfect self-care set up isn’t complete without Soothing candles and scents to help you relax into the moment.

The great thing about gifting a candle, diffuser or essential oils, is that you can choose a scent that represents your friendship, or reminds you of that friend. Whether you find a fragrance that reminds them of a place you visited together or a certain memory, candles are the perfect present.

It’s a great way to show that you care while offering them some time to switch off and unwind.

Wellness gifts - candles with a display behind saying be kind

Sweet treats and teas

Sometimes wellness can feel well, all a bit too healthy. In truth, self-love is all about balance.

Why not treat the friend who is always on the go to a sweet treat they wouldn’t ordinarily buy for themselves? Opt for a hamper packed full of goodieslike biscuits and chocolates that make for the perfect pairing for a self-care evening in.

If you like that idea, why not add to it with some teas they might enjoy? Camomile, lavender or peppermint can calm the mind and help them switch off, making it a great self-love gift.

A journal for inner connection

When life is busy, it’s easy to neglect ourselves. An easy way to get back in touch with our inner wisdom is with a journal. This beautiful gift is perfect to help your loved one write down their thoughts and reflect on their day.

Like a book, you can write a personalized note at the start that will remind them of you and the friendship you share.

Skincare for the perfect night-time routine

For many women, skincare is the ultimate, everyday luxury. However, it’s also the first thing to slip when you’re busy and flustered. Encouraging your friends to take some time to sink back into that routine can help offer some sweet relief.

Skincare is a gorgeous gift that will nourish their skin as well as their soul, helping them take a much-needed time out to look after their body. Treat them with a nourishing moisturizer or a new facial serum to help add a little extra luxury to their skincare routine. You can also gift them a new bath bomb or luxury soap to create an entire self-care experience.

How many times do we leave gifting to the last minute? It’s so easily done in our fast-paced world. Luckily for those who need a helping hand, these gifting ideas are the perfect way to encourage some self-care.

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The post 6 Wellbeing Gifts Perfect For Friends Who Need Some Self-Love appeared first on Wannabe Princess.

The post 6 Wellbeing Gifts Perfect For Friends Who Need Some Self-Love appeared first on Wannabe Princess.

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