Kelly Mi Li’s Best Beauty Secrets Aren’t So Conventional

As Netflix’s Bling Empire revs up next month for season two, star and entrepreneur-producer extraordinaire Kelly Mi Li shares what makes her tick.

You are part of so many exciting projects and passions—what is most important to you right now?

“I recently started a new chapter of my life and moved into a house this past year! I’ve been doing a lot of home renovations to transform this place and really make it a home that I can call mine. This whole experience has also been a part of my self-discovery journey. It has allowed me to focus on building a safe space where I can continue to love myself, focus on self-care, and just be me. I’m so excited to see the place come together and can’t wait to make future memories with friends and family here!”

You post on social media about reconnecting and resting. What does self-care and wellness look like to you?

“Self-care and wellness mean taking care of yourself both mentally and physically. Sometimes people get so focused on one or the other, but it’s really about balance and finding a routine that makes time for both. A few activities that I love to do to disconnect are going on hikes with my dog, Sophia, and spending time at the beach. Self-care can even be as simple as making time for lunch with friends, doing an exercise class, or enjoying your favorite television show after a long workday!”

You also post messages of self-acceptance. What advice do you wish you could give to your younger self?

“When I think about self-acceptance, I think about how important it is to love yourself unconditionally and embrace all your qualities and flaws. Finding beauty in what makes us unique is the center of self-acceptance. Growing up in an Asian household, there was an extremely high expectation to be perfect and the need to make my mom proud. I ended up dealing with a lot of pressure whether it was for my education, personal life, or work. Now that I’m older, the advice I would give myself is to not be so hard on yourself. Ultimately, I think we’re all a work in progress and doing our best to be better each and every day.”

What beauty products and treatments are you into right now?

“I love keeping my skin clean and hydrated, especially after a long day of work. Some of my favorite skin-care products are from Fenty Skin and True Botanicals. I use the Fenty Skin Total Cleanser and Fenty Skin Fat Water to wash and tone my face. I follow this with a combo of True Botanicals products. I’ve been loving their Chebula Active Immunity Serum, Pure Radiance Oil and Resurrection Radiance Eye Cream for moisturizing and keeping my glowy skin. Other than that, I also make sure to drink water throughout the day and use sunscreen daily to take care of my skin!”

What would fans be surprised to learn about you?

“I actually watch very little reality TV! I’m already living in it, so sometimes I rather escape to a fictional world. Some of my all-time favorite shows are Breaking Bad, Sex and the Cityand Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

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