Cute Home Office Essentials

Let’s look at some home office essentials. After all, working from home is not always ideal. If not for the tempting bed that looks oh-so-nappable during work hours, then for the ease of getting lost in YouTube and TikTok videos, this setting can feel very boring and uninspiring. However, if you are the kind of person whose inspiration depends directly on their surroundings, then this is the perfect article for you!

The energy, or as we call it nowadays, ‘vibes,’ of the room is extremely essential when it comes to ensuring that the comfortable bed doesn’t start looking too comfortable. So, to keep the yawns at bay and to feel inspired to continue through the meetings, you must have cute home office essentials that not only look pretty but are also useful. Here is our pick of essentials that will keep you going through the day!

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Plants are an automatic mood lifter- especially with spring just here and beautiful flowers ready to bloom- plants play a significant role in making your space feel comfortable. The beauty of nature can never not be inspiring- so get yourself some cute little plants- and go ahead and put them in an even cuter pot collection. These home office essentials will make your place feel much better. Not to mention, plants also bring with them the added benefits- fresher air, better mood, and less stress- and we know you are in desperate need of all three!

However, having plants (and keeping them alive) is not something everyone is good at, especially if you have never had them before. We would suggest starting slow, with easy-to-handle plants like aloe vera. The cacti plant is easy to manage and does not require any kind of special conditions. It won’t die even if you forget to water it for a bit (it will, eventually, die if you do not water it at all though!). Alternatively, you can go for Fern, Ivy, or snake plant- all of which are known to grow in any condition and don’t require a lot of care.

We would suggest staying away from fake plants- yes, they can look cute- but that’s about it. They don’t provide the added benefits of actual plants and can often look and feel tacky. Let’s also not forget that they are extremely harmful to nature (ironically, so!) and are often made of unrecyclable plastics.

Self-heating mug

Yes, these things exist! And yes, they are cheap (you can get one for 30 pounds). We know that most of your days are just fueled by caffeine to keep you going through the tedious meetings. And we also know that often, you manage to take only a sip or two before you have to keep your mug down and start working again! which is why we think that these are perfect for anyone who is working from home! These mugs reheat up your tea or coffee- making them salvageable and saving you from wasting it.

Self-heating mugs are also a good option for those whose home office is not near the kitchen or does not have a coffee machine in it, as it saves them the time to go out and make another cup. And not to forget, these cups come in all shapes and sizes (and particularly cute designs!) so, make haste and get these amazing home office essentials before they get sold out!

Wall organiser

No matter the amount of storage we have in our office, it might never be enough. Wall organisers are a great way to keep your space looking nice and chic while also ensuring you get extra storage. Use wall storage in the form of vertical space and you save on the room to move about as well. Similarly, you can get the TV in your office wall-mounted and surrounded by wall organisers. This will create a focal point while simultaneously providing you with the space to move about. To get your TV wall mounted by professionals, click here.

Wall organisers over your desktop space can provide you with the ability to post important documents and inspirational art and pictures to help you through the work from home. You can get floating shelves, alternatively, if you wish to have extra, proper storage. An easy DIY hack to convert these floating shelves into trendy shelving is by wrapping them up in stick and peel paper of your design. This will make for an extremely cute decor item that will match your space.

Photos or posters

Photos or posters around your office are not only extremely artsy and cute, but they also serve the purpose of making the space more creative and welcoming. These will inspire you to get creative and make you feel comfortable in your home office. Use posters relevant to your work. For example, if you work in fashion, having posters of vogue, Chanel etc might be appropriate and inspiring at the same time.

If you have any ideas for cute home office essentials please share them below

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The post Cute Home Office Essentials appeared first on Wannabe Princess.

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