Joe Rogan Responds To Accusation He’s Spreading Dangerous Misinformation

Joe Rogan has responded to the controversy over recent podcast episodes in which he has been accused of spreading dangerous misinformation about the pandemic. Just over a month ago, 270 medical and science experts signed an open letter asking Spotify to remove the December episode of Joe Rogan Experiencewhich features Dr. Robert Mallon, an infectious … Read more

Bella Hadid Shares Her Pre-Travel Wellness Routine

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Salma Hayek Is Absolutely Glowing in New Makeup-Free Selfie

Salma Hayek often takes to Instagram to share makeup-free selfies, and we’re in shock of her gorgeous, glowing skin every single time. Her latest post, shared yesterday, featured the star stunning in wet hair, freshly groomed brows and porcelain skin. “#selfiesunday#nomakeup,” the 55-year-old writes in her caption. As always, the comments section is running wild … Read more

10 Best Dry Scalp Treatments for a Healthy Scalp

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17 Best Makeup and Cosmetic Bags 2022 for Organizing Your Beauty Space

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